Fiona (ruafair) wrote,

Smut 69 - Prompt 47 - Top

Title: My Body for You
Author: ruafair 
Fandom: Moonlight
Pairing: Mick/Beth
Rating: R
Prompt: #47 Top
Word Count: 427
Warnings: None
Summary: Beth drives…
My Table...

It was the nature of the vampire to always be the dominant one, the one in control… but the other part of me; the part that held on so tightly to the tiny shard of humanity left inside me, revelled in the sight of a beautiful woman perched on top of me, riding me for all my worth… And there was nothing more beautiful than Beth, my Beth doing just that.

Her head was thrown back, long blonde hair cascading down her back, swaying in time with her movements. My hands gripped her thighs, trying not to bruise her skin, but failing miserably. A fine coating of sweat covered her skin, and my eyes were fixed on a drop that slowly slid down the valley between her breasts. Her gorgeous breasts, bouncing as she moved harder and faster on my cock… Soft mounds topped with rosy nipples that begged to be sucked. My blonde goddess, taking her pleasure from my body…

“Mick,” she groaned. My name dripping from her lips caused me to harden even more inside her.

“Faster Beth,” I growl, “I want to feel you come around me…”

Her breath was coming in faster and more laboured, she panted my name as she moved on me… a hand gripped her waist, guiding her movements.  My other hand moved to were we are joined and I slid my thumb over her swollen clit… delighting in the way she shudders on top of me and the feeling of her sex tightening even more around mine.  “Faster,” I urge again, wanting to feel her. “Come for me,” I rubbed the sensitive bundle of nerves more intently.

“Mick,” she gasped, leaning her arms back and resting them on my thighs as she lifted herself up and down on my cock. ‘God she is amazing,’ I think as I watch my cock slide in and out of her….

I could hear the rapid beating of her heart and could ‘see’ the blood rushing beneath her skin… She was so close…

I lifted my hips off the bed as she slid down and with a cry she came hard… collapsing on top of me… I held her close as her orgasm pulsed through her and relished in the sensations of her sex throbbing and pulsing around me as she rode out her climax…

I was still hard inside her, but would have my moment… This one was all Beth’s. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her trembling body against mine. And when she got her breath back, we’d go again…

Tags: moonlight, prompts, smut_69

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