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Smut 69 - Prompt 32 - Champagne

Title: Effervescent
Author: ruafair 
Fandom: Moonlight
Pairing: Mick/Beth
Rating: Very Mild R
Prompt: #32 Champagne
Word Count: 492
Warnings: None
Summary: A gift from Josef
My Table...

They were both laughing as Mick stumbled into the room, barely keeping hold of Beth in his arms. Kicking the door closed behind him he quickly crossed the room and dropped Beth onto the bed. She landed on it with a shriek and a giggle, throwing herself back and looking up at Mick, who smiled at her.

“What a great party,” she sighed as he joined her on the bed.

“Well Josef’s had hundreds of years to perfect the art of throwing a party.” He leaned down and kissed her, deepening it when Beth parted her kips for him.

Moments later when they parted he smiled down at her flushed face and swollen lips.

“MMM a present,” he said, leaning over her and grabbing the bottle of champagne from the table beside the bed.

‘Congrats on not fucking things up with Beth… Well done my boy… This vintage reminds me of Blondie’s personality… Oh and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… Josef.’ Mick chuckled as he read the card attached.

“What’s so funny?” asked Beth.

“A gift from Josef,” he said waving the bottle. “Want some?”

Beth nodded as Mick shook the bottle vigorously and then placed his thumbs either side of the cork.


“Yes, just don’t point that thing at me,” she giggled.

“OK, here we go…” And with a flick of his thumbs the cork flew out with a loud pop, shooting across the room and hitting the wall as champagne flooded out.  Mick quickly turned the bottle to Beth, drowning her in the expensive alcohol.

She shrieked and laughed, holding her hands up to try and ward it off. “Mick,” she cried, “stop it…” The champagne was ice cold, soaking her hair and dress.

He laughed and handed her the bottle as the ‘explosion’ of liquid calmed down. Beth took a long drink from the bottle, the cool bubbly liquid flowing down her throat.

“Want some?” she asked a moment later, handing him the bottle. Mick took it and with a grin pushed Beth onto her back then poured more over her face and chest.

Her shrieks turned into moans as Mick began licking the alcohol from her neck and chest. “Tastes better this way,” he murmured as he sucked her hardened nipple through the wet thin material of her dress. He moved back up till he hovered over her lips. Beth wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her, their lips meeting.

She tasted of champagne and the chocolate from her earlier dessert and his tongue sampled it all…

Much later Beth pulled away panting hard as she took gulps of oxygen…

“MMM Moet flavoured Beth… I think I could get use to that,” Mick grabbed the bottle. “Damn it’s empty,” he growled turning it upside down.

“Oh I’m sure Josef has a cellar full somewhere,” purred Beth pressing close to him. “Let’s go raid it… I’m sure we can find lots to celebrate…”


Tags: moonlight, prompts, smut_69

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