Fiona (ruafair) wrote,

Smut 69 - Prompt 38 - Fingers

Title: Manipulate
Author: ruafair
Fandom: Moonlight
Pairing: Mick/Beth
Rating: R
Prompt: #38 Fingers
Word Count: 263
Warnings: None
Summary: I think the prompt says in all LOL
My Table...

Beth arched her back off the bed, crying out his name. Mick, propped up on his side beside her, watched her through pale blue eyes as she reacted to his touch. His longer tapered fingers moved over her sex. Rubbing the right spots, applying just the right amount of pressure to drive her crazy.  She had one hand wrapped around his wrist; holding his hand in place, although Mick had no intention of removing it.

Her sex was so warm and wet, Mick groaned as his fingers easily slipped over the pink flesh.

“More Mick,” she gasped, “please…”

He increased his intent, slipping two fingers inside her and moving them in and out.

“Come on Beth,” he whispered, kissing her breast and ghosting his fangs over the soft flesh. “I want to feel you explode.” He rubbed a spot inside and groaned as she tightened even more around his fingers, her body again arching off the bed. 50 years as a vampire had ‘honed’ his skills, and Mick loved nothing more than using those skills on his exceptionally responsive Beth.

He knew she was close, he could hear her heart beating faster and the blood rushing quicker through her veins with each thrust of his fingers. “That’s it Beth, come for me, come for me,” a third finger entered her, stretching her sex, rubbing her inner walls with practised strokes…

“Oh God, oh Mick,” she panted, moving her hips in time with his fingers. “So close.”

“There is it,” whispered Mick and curling his fingers inside her Beth came apart with a scream…

Tags: moonlight, prompts, smut_69

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