Fiona (ruafair) wrote,

Smut 69 - Prompt 09 - Massage

Title: Her Touch
Author: ruafair
Fandom: Moonlight
Pairing: Mick/Beth
Rating: R
Prompt: #09 Massage
Word Count: 710
Warnings: None
Summary: Beth ‘helps’ Mick ‘unwind’
My Table...

“Now just relax Mr St. John and let me take care of you,” Beth whispered breathlessly into Mick’s ear.

“This is NOT helping me relax Beth,” he moaned.

“Hush,” she murmured pouring the scented lotion over his back. “And relax,” she repeated as she began rubbing her hands over his broad shoulders and down his spine, spreading the lotion over taut muscle.

“How does a vampire get so tense,” she joked, kneading her knuckles into his shoulder blades.

“Worrying about blonde reporters who seem to be a magnet for trouble,” Mick replied with a moan as she hit a particularly tense spot.

Beth chuckled softly; sliding her hands down his spine before digging her thumbs into the small of his back eliciting a grunt from the vampire. “That’s the spot Beth, right there…”

She continued to manipulate the area as she straddled his legs. Digging her knuckles and fingers into the tense and tight muscles then sliding them gently over the top of his ass, pushing the towel further down. She repeated the pattern over and over till Mick was almost purring on the table.

After a while Beth removed her hands, smiling at his groan of protest and quickly shed the shirt she was wearing before returning her hands to his back, sliding them up and down. She leaned forward pressing her bare breasts against his back while her fingers danced up and down his sides.

“Feeling better,” she whispered in his ear before kissing it gently.

“Other muscles are getting tense,” he replied turning his head and catching her lips.

“Well, we can’t have that,” she panted a moment later when he released her lips.

She lifted herself up a little and Mick turned onto his back, groaning when she sat back down on him. Grabbing the lotion she poured some onto his chest and began rubbing it in. Mick rested his hands on her thighs, rubbing them gently. 

“Poor Mick, all tense…” she grinned, grinding against him and moaning as she felt him harden beneath his towel.

“Yes, poor, poor Mick…” he mock pouted.

She massaged the lotion into his chest, rubbing it around his nipples, all the time grinding against his erection.

“Harder Beth…”

“Where?” she teased, rubbing her hands hard over his stomach.

“Beth,” growled Mick, fangs appearing as his fingers dug into her thighs.

“Now, now Mick, you’ll only make yourself all ‘tense’ again,” she grinned sliding her hands back up to his shoulders and massaging them, all the time moving her hips in time with her hands. “And you’ll undo all my good,” she grinded harder, “work…”

With a growl and a moan Mick grasped her hips and moved his own up to meet hers as she came down. Beth continued to rub her fingers and knuckles into his chest and shoulders.

He could feel the heat and wetness from her sex through the towel he was wearing and the silk of her underwear.

“This is supposed to be relaxing you,” she said breathlessly, groaning as he thrusted his hips up.

“It is, it’s helping to relieve certain tensions,” he said through gritted ‘fangs’, his eyes icy blue…

Breathing hard Beth ran her hand down Mick’s chest and under the towel… grasping his cock and sliding her hand up and down.

“God Beth,” he cried, arching slightly off the table.

“MMM I see, there is where all the tension is. Poor Mick, you should have said so,” she teased, massaging the hard flesh faster.

It wasn’t going to take long, the combination of Beth’s hands on his body, the smell of her own arousal, the teasing grinding, the delicious weight of her on his cock, and now her hand… it was all too much for the vampire and Mick came with a roar, spilling all over her hand and stomach…

It took a few minutes for the world to right itself on its axis again and when it did Mick opened his eyes to see Beth smiling softly at him. “Feeling relaxed now Mr St. John?” she asked with a grin.

“Extremely relaxed Ms. Turner,” he replied hoarsely, his eyes returning to their normal colour and fangs retracted. “But give me a few minutes and I’m sure things will be very tense again…”

Tags: moonlight, prompts, smut_69

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