Fiona (ruafair) wrote,

Smut 69 - Prompt 03 - Satin

Title: Encased
Author: ruafair
Fandom: Moonlight
Pairing: Mick/Beth
Rating: R
Prompt: #03 Satin
Word Count: 225
Warnings: None
Summary: Soft and smooth
My Table...

Beth’s skin was so soft and smooth beneath his fingers and tongue. He couldn’t stop himself from touching her. She moaned loudly as his ran his tongue along the valley between her breasts, savouring her skin.

“So soft, like the petals of a flower,” he whispered, running his cool hands along her thighs before parting them. Bending his head, he inhaled deeply, immersing himself in the scent of her sex. “And this is ambrosia,” he murmured, sliding his hands under her ass and lifting her towards his mouth.

“Mick,” she panted, her hands clenching around the midnight blue sheets in anticipation. Seconds later she ripped the smooth, cool and delicate material with her nails as Mick ran a fang over the swollen lips of her sex. Her body was on fire; beads of sweat dripping onto the bed.

He moved up her body again, pulling her to him. Beth wrapped her arms and legs around him, every inch of her skin touching his. He held her to him, her smooth, soft skin sliding against his as he buried himself deep inside her…

Her moans of his name were like a siren’s call, urging him to move harder and faster… Body slapped against body and as her sex tightened around his Mick sank his fangs into her neck and both of them fell into the abyss…
Tags: moonlight, prompts, smut_69

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