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Fic: Reality (Shows) Bite

Title: Reality (Shows) Bite
Author: ruafair
Artist: wildcat92
Beta: fairfax_verde
Type: Romance, friendship, a tiny bit of angst, and a little fluffy at times!
Word Count: 38,383
Rating: Hard R
Characters/Pairings: Adam, Tommy, Brad, Terrance, Neil, Sutan, the band and a few original characters. Pairing is Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Slash, male/male sex, strong language and Fluff!!
Summary: The producers to the TV reality show The Bachelor decide to embrace the 21st century and launch a season where the ‘bachelor’ is a gay man, and the man they want is Adam Lambert. A reluctant Adam signs up, determined to do the show his way!
Disclaimer: Real people, but this story is fiction, and written for fun.

Notes: This is my first RPS and first Slash fic ever… It was a challenge but I made it in the end! So, with that, a huge, huge thank you to my beta fairfax_verde for everything especially cheering me on! And *hugs* to wildcat92 for her outstanding mix! Go… listen to it… NOW!

Link to fic master post: Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four
Link to art master post: ART
Tags: adam_lambert, fic, lbb, rps, tommy_ratliff

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