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Fic: Reality (Shows) Bite

Title: Reality (Shows) Bite
Artist: wildcat92
Beta: fairfax_verde

The next day on his group date Tommy found he was paying more attention to Mark. He made sure he sat beside him in the car, and tried getting him involved in any conversation that was going on, but damn it was difficult. It was like pulling teeth trying to get anything out of him, and the raised eyebrows from Cassidy were not helping. Tommy was relieved when the whole thing ended.

And as Brad took off for his one-on-one date with Adam, Tommy searched out the person he decided he could tell about Chantala and Mia’s theories. He’d left a message earlier asking to meet, and that’s why Tommy now stood in his bathroom, waiting.

“This better good, because meeting men in a bathroom is not good for my reputation.”

“Thanks for coming Neil.” Tommy let him in and closed the door, hiding them and what Tommy what going to tell him.


Adam and Brad slipped in the private bathroom of the club, blocking off the cameras.

“It’s like living in a fucking goldfish bowl,” Adam murmured.

“Oh honey, you’ve been in the public eye since American Idol,” said Brad.

“Yeah, but this show is a media intrusion beast unto itself. I can’t sneeze without a camera up my nose.”

“Stop stressing Adam, it will give you wrinkles.”

“Fuck off Cheeks.”

Brad just grinned at him, “So who’s going next?”

“Your roommate. I mean Lucas is a really nice guy, but so not my type. Besides, I think he likes you.”

“Oh baby, he more than likes me. All I can say is thankfully the bathrooms are off-limits to cameras,” Brad winked.

“You slut!” exclaimed Adam, laughing. “Tell me everything.”

“A lady never blows and tells.”

Both men started laughing.

“I need to get laid,” muttered Adam after a moment. “All these men around me and I haven’t even got a blow job out of it. Do you know how long it’s been since I had an orgasm that wasn’t the result of my own hand?”

“Well honey, you know where I am … or you could just grab Tommy and go for it.”

Adam’s head shot up. “Oh Brad I want to, oh god do I want to. He’s gorgeous and funny and shy and…”

“Just perfect for you,” Brad threw an arm around Adam’s waist and leaned his head on his shoulder. “Pick Tommy for a one-on-one date, and see how it goes. I like him, and I think the two of you are super-cute together.”

“Super-cute,” said Adam, pouting slightly.

“And really fucking hot…” added Brad.

Adam pulled Brad into a hug, “Oh baby I love you, and you know that.”

“I know,” whispered Brad.


Tommy yawned loudly as he poured himself a cup of coffee; he had spent hours talking to Neil and missed Brad’s return from his date with Adam. After Neil had left he had just collapsed onto his bed. He was glad they’d had no ‘dates’ today, there was just the elimination ceremony in a couple of hours, and even better he wouldn’t have to give any interviews, as Adam was the one being grilled before the live show.

“Hey there you are.” Neil appeared beside him. “I’m looking over footage of Mark,” he whispered, “with everything you said in mind. Hopefully we’ll get something to go to the producers with.”

“What are you two conspiring about?” Adam’s voice sounded behind them, causing both men to slightly jump.

“Oh nothing, just chatting,” replied Tommy, smiling at Adam.

“And we’re finished,” said Neil, grabbing an apple from the table. “Tommy, we’ll talk later.”

Adam narrowed his eyes as he watched his brother walk away before turning his gaze onto Tommy.

“What?” Tommy said a moment later.

“Nothing,” grinned Adam. “Come with me,” he grabbed Tommy’s hand and led him across the room and out onto the small balcony. They sat down on a small bench and looked over the sprawling gardens at the back of the house.

“This is nice,” sighed Tommy, laying his head on Adam’s shoulder, “and not scary like the Ferris wheel.”

Adam chuckled.

“Are you missing performing?” Tommy asked a minute later.

“What do you mean?”

Tommy sat up and turned on the bench to face Adam. “Since this thing started you haven’t been singing--well shows and such, we have ALL heard you singing in the shower. And I’m just wondering, are you missing it?”

“I have to keep my voice in perfect working order, hence the shower singing,” he said, “and in answer to your question yes, I do miss it. You would not believe the amount of appearances and shows I have lined up for when this thing is over.”

“Will you be recording a new album during that time?”

“Probably after the shows. Between Monte, myself and the collaborators we’ve enough music for an album.”

“That all sounds so fucking cool.” Tommy sat up straighter, “playing in front of huge crowds, and recording in an actual studio. I recorded a few demos with my band, but that was in Dave’s, he’s the other guitarist, garage with his Mac, nothing fancy. Then we’d all pile into a van and make our way to whatever club was crazy enough to let us play. It was unorganized, crazy and painful at times but damn I love it,” he finished with a chuckle and a sigh.

Adam watched him as he spoke, watched how Tommy’s eyes lit up as he talked about his music. When he had finished Adam smiled softly at him, gently running his hand through Tommy’s hair before tucking the wayward strands behind his ear. “You really love music don’t you?”

Tommy nodded. “It’s everything.”

“So passionate about it,” Adam whispered, leaning closer. “What else Tommy Joe Ratliff, what else are you passionate about?”

“Horror movies,” Tommy whispered with a grin, “sleeping,” he moved in closer, his tongue darting out and wetting his bottom lip, “and,” his lips were so close to Adam’s, “you,” Tommy breathed softly before kissing Adam.

He let Tommy control the kiss for a few seconds before taking over; he prised the smaller man’s lips open and plunged his tongue in. Adam’s hands found their way to Tommy’s hips and he pulled him closer, lifting him slightly and then settling him on his lap.

Tommy moaned as he wrapped his arms around Adam’s neck. Both men had to pull back to get some air. “Fucking cameras,” Adam muttered as, out of the corner of his eye, he saw one of the cameramen moving closer to them.

“Ignore them, for now anyway,” murmured Tommy as he kissed Adam’s jaw, moving down to the singer’s neck where he licked and sucked on the soft flesh.

Adam leaned his head to the side, giving Tommy more to work with as he moved his hips against Tommy’s, feeling that the other man was as hard as he was. “Damn it all,” Adam said, grabbing Tommy’s face and kissing him hard, all tongues, and lips, and teeth. They were so wrapped up they missed the ‘polite’ coughing from Sutan to get their attention, and it was only when the make-up artist sounded like he was choking that they separated and looked up at him.

“Oh darlings I am so sorry to interrupt,” he said, sounding genuinely apologetic, “but the producers will have my balls if I don’t have Adam in the makeup chair in five minutes.”

Both men had slightly dazed expressions on their faces and Sutan bit back his own groan at their swollen lips and the red mark on Adam’s neck.

“OK Sutan, gimme a minute and I’ll be with you,” said Adam.

“Damn producers,” pouted Tommy with a smile as he slid off of Adam’s lap.

“Double damn,” echoed Adam.

“See you later Adam.”

“Oh most definitely,” replied Adam, and after kissing Tommy on the cheek he reluctantly got up to follow Sutan.

“Oh god,” groaned Tommy when Adam had left. He rubbed a hand over his face and waited till hard-on subsided a little before getting up and heading to his room, glaring at the cameramen as he passed them.


“Well, you broke Twitter again,” grinned Neil, leaning on the table as Sutan worked on Adam’s makeup. “TMZ is down, although that is no great loss to anyone and I think Perez may have a heart attack, which is great for everyone, but if he doesn’t this time, can you and Tommy have sex? ‘Cause that will really kill him…”

“Neil, don’t you have someone else to annoy?” said Adam.

“Not at the moment no, and although the sight of my brother making out with anyone is seriously nauseating, in fact I do think therapy maybe needed, the thought of the two of you killing Perez more than makes up for it.”

Sutan laughed softly as he finished up Adam’s eyes.

Adam was saved from possibly throttling his brother when Lane popped her head in the door and called Neil out.

“OK baby, you’re done,” Sutan spun the chair around so Adam could see himself in the mirror. As always Sutan had done an amazing job; but Adam’s gaze was more focused on the side of his neck. Under the make-up there was the fading red mark, the red mark left by Tommy.

“You need to get that boy on a one-on-one date,” smirked Sutan as he put his brushes away.

“Brad said the same thing. I want to, but then I know I’m not going to be able to control myself and I pick someone else.”

“So what if you can’t control yourself. Adam, honey, go for it if Tommy’s what you want. I know why you agreed to the show and you had this all planned out: every elimination, the actual winner…”

“Sutan, please…” said Adam.

“You deserve someone sweetie. Drake…”

“Don’t, please,” pleaded Adam.

“You and Tommy could be golden.” Sutan pressed a soft kiss to Adam’s forehead. “Don’t let he-who-must-not-be-mentioned continue to keep ruining things for you.”


“Well, a second elimination ceremony is upon us. How are things going Adam?”

“They are going very well. Everyone is getting on, and I’m getting to know to others much better,” replied Adam, smiling at the interviewer.

“And some much better than others,” added the interviewer slyly.

“Well that’s the idea isn’t it,” Adam responded, “finding someone you connect with more than anyone else.”

“Who has your connection been with?”

“Have you actually watched the show?” asked Adam.

“Of course I have,” replied the interviewer, sounding quite put out.

“Well then you already know whom I’ve ‘connected’ with.”

“Thank you Mr. Adam Lambert,” and the interview was ended.


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second elimination ceremony here on The Bachelor. Once again our remaining contestants: Cassidy, Lucas, Terrance, Brad, Mark, Tommy, and Jason.” The studio audience cheered as they all came out and took their places.

“And of course our Bachelor, Mr. Adam Lambert.”

“Hi again Chris,” said Adam with a large smile.

“We won’t waste any time. Adam if you’d like to get things started please.”

Adam stepped up to the table with white roses this time. He picked up the first one. “Tommy,” he said softly, smiling at the almost collective sigh from the audience.

Tommy stepped forward, a smile of his own gracing his face.

“Do you accept?” Adam held out the rose.

Tommy took the rose and kissed Adam softly on the lips, allowing his tongue to flick against Adam’s bottom lip, causing the crowd to erupt into cheers.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” grinned Adam when Tommy pulled back and walked away.

As soon as Tommy had taken his spot on the other side of the room Adam picked up the next rose.

He went through Cassidy, Terrance, Mark and Brad. Picking up the final rose, Adam turned to Jason and Lucas.

“I know this sounds cheesy but I don’t really want either of you to go. But the rules say one of you has to. So,” Adam took a deep breath, looking from one to the other, “Jason, will you accept?”

The young man practically squealed, he hugged Lucas and skipped over to Adam. “Oh yes,” he said, taking the rose and hugging Adam before skipping over to the others and hugging Tommy.

Smiling softly Adam turned to Lucas. “I’m sorry you’re going and that things didn’t work out, but I am glad to have met you.”

“Me too,” replied Lucas sincerely and hugged Adam. He caught Brad’s eye over Adam’s shoulder and smiled when he winked at him. “Besides it wasn’t a waste of time, I did meet Brad,” he whispered in Adam’s ear, causing the other man to chuckle.

“Glad to have helped with that introduction.”


With Lucas gone Brad didn’t want to be in the bedroom on his own so he took it upon himself to move in with Terrance and Tommy.

“And you’re planning on sleeping where?” asked Tommy, cocking his eyebrow.

“Oh honey I’m game if you are,” smirked Brad as he lay on Tommy bed, fluttering his eyelashes at him.

“But baby what about me,” said Terrance, pouting.

“Oh I can switch,” winked Brad.

“I was talking to Tommy,” grinned Terrance.

Tommy just shook his head and rolled his eyes.


“Really?” said Adam and Neil just nodded. The two of them were in Adam’s room, the only bedroom in the house where the cameras were not allowed without Adam’s permission.

“I knew there was… something off, but this…”

“I know,” said Neil, “it’s kinda fucking unbelievable.”

“How the hell did you find out about this?”

“Well, Tommy first…”

“Tommy,” exclaimed Adam, “what does he have to do with it?”

Neil sighed. “The day you went on your date with Brad, Tommy came up to me wanting to speak about something. So an hour later he and I were in his bathroom and he was telling me about a phone conversation he’d had with his friends and what they had said about Mark.”

“So that’s why you two were in there, but why did he go to you?” And Adam swears that didn’t sound petulant.

“Seriously Adam, you’re focusing on THAT.”

OK, maybe he didn’t quite pull off the non-petulant tone. “I didn’t mean it like…” he trailed off.

“Like you were jealous,” supplied Neil. “Jealous that Tommy sought me out or that the two of us were alone, in a bathroom, for an hour.”

“Fuck off Neil. And as for the bathroom thing, I would have thought you’d be more worried about the growing speculation about your sex life. While the audience don’t know what you and Tommy were ‘doing’, they did see you enter the bathroom, right after him.”

“Fuck off Adam.” They both stared at each other for a moment before laughing.

“And mom was worried that we wouldn’t bond,” said Adam as he caught his breath.

“Tommy came to me because he thought I was the best person to talk to. He didn’t want the producers to think he was badmouthing a contestant, and he wasn’t sure if any of the others were friendly with Mark, and he didn’t want to upset you.”

Adam smiled at this, and then let out a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?” asked Neil.

“I had planned on giving Tommy the one-on-one date, but now it’s going to have to go to Mark. Damn it, cockblocked again.”

Neil chuckled, earning him a glare from his brother.


Tommy watched as Mark and Adam headed off for the date. He knew why Mark was picked, Neil had told him everything earlier, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t upset at once again NOT getting a date.

Terrace appeared beside him and slung an arm around his neck. “Come on Tommy, we’re going to drink tequila and play cards. I think Brad and Jason said something about strip poker.”

Tommy couldn’t help but laugh as he was guided towards the large study at the back of the house.


Adam smiled at the waiter as he and Mark took their seats, and for the first time in a very, very long time Adam felt uncomfortable on a date. Despite what Neil had told him Adam couldn’t help testing it out for himself, and the very brief look of disgust that passed over the other man’s face every time Adam touched him told him everything was true. But so good was Mark at covering it up that, had he not been looking for it, he would have missed it. No wonder no one in the house had noticed anything.

But one emotion was stronger than the uncomfortable feeling--anger. Anger that this guy had fooled him, and lots of others, and to top it all off, he wasn’t even gay, or bi. He was a writer for a piece of shit blog that fucking promoted homophobia. Adam was going to make the guy reveal himself on live television. He glanced around and saw the cameramen, and his gaze settled on the bodyguard to his left, the bodyguard that Lane, Neil and Roger had insisted on when he’d told them what he was planning on doing. And yes, he had bitched and moaned about it but deep down was happy the mountain-sized man was there.

He ordered a bottle of wine and after their glasses had been filled he turned to his dinner companion. “So Mark, we haven’t really had a chance to get to know each other, but I’m hoping tonight will rectify that.”

Adam reached out and covered Mark’s hand with his own, tightening his grip when he felt the other man starting to pull away. “Like I said we haven’t had much of a chance to talk. How are things with you? Are you OK in the bedroom, alone,” Adam gently rubbed the back of Mark’s hand.

“Things, things are fine,” replied Mark, a forced smile on his face. “And I like having a room to myself.”

“Well I suppose there’s more privacy with no roommate,” grinned Adam and he slowly removed his hand.

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Gentlemen are you ready to order, or do you need more time?” asked the waiter who suddenly appeared.

“Are you ready Mark?” asked Adam, gently sliding his foot along Mark’s calf.

“Yes,” Mark squeaked.

Adam bowed his head to study the menu, hiding the smirk on his face.


Terrance wasn’t kidding when he said ‘strip poker’. After an hour of Jason’s extra-strength margaritas, Tommy found himself sandwiched between Cassidy and Brad as the latter dealt the cards.

“I’m not 100% sure of the rules to poker,” he said, “but really who cares? It’s about losing clothes gentlemen.”

“A few rules before we start,” said Terrance as everyone picked up their cards. “Jewellery does not count. Shoes count as one item, as do socks. OK?”

“Yeah.” “Fine.” “Whatever,” came the replies.

Neil stood at the door watching them. “Oh god this is going to get messy,” he murmured as he ran a hand over his face.


Throughout the meal Adam kept the conversation light. He talked about music and drew Mark into a discussion about that.

While getting ready for this ‘date,’ Neil had shown him some of the things written on the blog. Mark had been using his ‘private’ hours to call the other writers on the blog and give them information about what was going on in the house. There was even a piece about Brad and Lucas, and Adam had only heard about them from Brad himself on their date. But most of the hate on the blog was directed at Adam, and how he was corrupting the men in the house. Obviously Mark had never been on a wild night out with Brad Bell. He’d show him all about corruption.

Adam was saddened and angered by it all. He’d expected backlash from the anti-gay community and the usual church groups when the show started, but for someone to actually masquerade as a gay man to get on show just so he could post hate about it, well that just defied logic.

The waiter came and took their plates away, asking both men if they wanted dessert. Before Mark could reply Adam said no, they were fine. “I don’t think they’ll have what I want for dessert on the menu,” Adam said with a grin and a wink. “So Mark, what do you look for in a man?” he asked as soon as the waiter had left again. “What do you like to do, top or bottom? Or are you versatile…” he wagged his eyebrows at the other man.

Mark shuffled uncomfortably in his seat and cleared his throat. “Well, em,” he began, his eyes darting to the cameras.

“Oh honey if you’re embarrassed about the cameras we can go somewhere more private,” said Adam, taking the other man’s hand again and squeezing it gently.

Mark couldn’t take it anymore--the innuendos, the smirks, and especially the touching. He snatched his hand away and jumped up from his seat.

“Stop, just stop touching me! It’s wrong, you are wrong,” he spat out, pointing at Adam.

The bodyguard was out of his seat in a flash and stood just to the side of Adam, ready if Mark started anything.

“Mark, are you OK? You’re kinda making a scene,” said Adam.

“A scene? I’ll give you a scene. This, this whole blasphemous corrupt show of yours is pure poison. I’m here to make sure everyone knows how depraved you are.”

Adam just shook his head and walked away. God he hated things like this. He knew it was naive but why the hell couldn’t everyone get along? Mark was still shouting and ranting behind him but the bodyguard wouldn't let him go after Adam. The cameras were torn between watching Mark and following Adam. All the while, the producers frantically made phone-calls and tried to minimise the bad publicity.

But Adam didn’t care; he walked out of the restaurant into a waiting car and took off, heading back to the house.


While all the drama was unfolding at the restaurant the others were getting well and truly drunk and most of them losing their clothes. In fact Tommy was the one who managed to hold onto most of his, losing only his shoes and sock. No one had expected him to have a pretty good poker face in comparison to the others.

The more alcohol that was consumed, the less sense the rules to the made-up version of poker they were playing made sense. Neil had tried, on more than one occasion, to explain the rules to them but no one was listening. So he gave up and enjoyed the show.

Terrace, Brad, and Jason got louder and even more exuberant as they got drunk, Cassidy started singing, show tunes, loudly… and Tommy, well Tommy seemed to get very affectionate when he was drunk. He hugged everyone; even Neil got a kiss on the cheek from him, and tended to rub up against everyone like a cat. All in all it was fucking hilarious.

Lane had come in about five minutes earlier and whispered to Neil what had happened in the restaurant. She had assured him that Adam was fine and on his way back to house where he would tell the others what was going on.

“Neil sweetie, we need more tequila,” Brad’s voice called out.

Shaking his head and laughing softly Neil went to get the alcohol, and his camera, because the look on Adam’s face when he saw all this was going to be priceless.


“What the FUCK is going on?” Adam looked at the half-naked and drunk men.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction of Adam’s voice. Five seconds later Brad started giggling and that soon set off the others. Neil, well Neil just took Adam’s picture. He was right; the look on his brother’s face was priceless.

Their laughter was infectious and soon enough Adam found himself laughing along. Cassidy handed him a drink, and Terrance and Jason dragged him to where a makeshift limbo dance competition was going on.

“You’re just in time for Tommy’s turn,” said Brad, pushing Tommy towards the centre of the room.

“I’m not THAT drunk,” protested Tommy, digging his heels in.

“TOMMY. TOMMY. TOMMY,” chanted Cassidy, Terrance and Jason.

“NO. NO. NO,” Tommy chanted back at them.

“Oh come on honey, I bet you’re flexible enough,” Adam stepped up behind Tommy and grasped his hips gently.

Tommy looked up at Adam through his bangs, “are you gonna bend with me?” he asked.

“Yes, that’s an idea,” cried Brad, lifting the bar up a little. “Come on, let’s see the two of you.”

Adam steered Tommy towards the limbo bar.

“Everything ok?” whispered Tommy. “With Mark I mean.”

“It was a fucking horrible mess, but he’s gone, and things will back to normal in the morning,” Adam replied, smiling.

“Come on,” called Terrance, turning up the stereo.

“How the hell are we suppose to do this?” asked Tommy.

“Lean back against me,” said Adam, turning him and pulling him against his chest. “And keep leaning back to get under the bar. Don’t worry about me; I’ll be leaning back as well.”

“This is nuts,” murmured Tommy, but complied anyway. Soon the two of them were leaning back; Adam had one hand on Tommy’s waist while the other he used as a kind of balance. Tommy’s hands were flapping around but when they started to actually ‘limbo’ under the bar, his hands grabbed the back of Adam’s thighs.

They had been doing pretty well up to that point, but the feel of Tommy’s warm hands on him caused Adam to stumble. This in turn threw the other man off balance and the pair of them crashed to the floor, laughing as they did.

“Fail, epic fail,” cried Jason, laughing as well as he moved to help Tommy up first, but Tommy jerked on the offered hand and Jason went tumbling to the floor as well. Pretty soon they all ended up a laughing mess on the floor, including Neil who got dragged into it by Brad.

“Hey,” commented Cassidy a few minutes later when they had all caught their breaths, “I just noticed, where’s Mark?”

Adam took a deep breath and lay back on the carpet and proceeded to tell everyone everything that had happened earlier.


Tommy groaned as he slowly awoke. His head was pounding, his mouth felt like a desert and there was a weight on his legs. Blinking a few times and moaning as sharp pains stabbed his head he opened his eyes to look down. And there, sprawled across his legs, was Neil and Jason.

Another groan to his left made Tommy turn his head to see Adam and Cassidy starting to wake up. A glance to his right revealed Brad and Terrance.

“Oh God,” he moaned, laying back and closing his eyes as flashes from the night before came back with a vengeance. Tequila, poker, strip poker, limbo dancing, Adam coming back, Adam telling them about Mark, Brad deciding that much more alcohol was needed, said alcohol being consumed, and then everything else was a blur.

“Am I dead?” a hoarse Adam murmured beside him.

“I think we all are,” replied Tommy, moving his legs and causing Neil and Jason to mumble and start to wake up.

“Oh good, you are all awake, or kind of anyway.” Lane’s voice sounded way too loud, causing everyone to protest.

“Oh stop complaining,” she continued, “you’re like big babies. Bad news first, Mark’s reveal got a lot of coverage, but the majority of support is for you Adam. His support comes form the anti-gay and Christian groups. The good news is your little party last night generated the biggest audience ever for the show and the web and media are moving away from Mark and concentrating on that.”

“Yay, go me,” muttered Adam, covering his eyes with his arm.

“Yes you’re great,” deadpanned Lane. “Now get up, get showered, get coffee and let Sutan work his magic. You have an interview in 90 minutes.”

“Lane I love you, I really do,” replied Adam, “but please fuck off, I’m dying.”

“You have a hangover, you ALL have a hangover, now up. If you’re not out of this room in five minutes, I’ll break out the loud noises.”

Cries of “evil” followed her out of the room.

Adam rolled over, crushing Neil and Tommy and someone else in the process. Taking a deep breath he stood up, grabbing a chair when the room started spinning. “I’m blaming you Brad on all of this,” he said as he slowly made his way across the room and out the door.

“We’re all blaming Brad on this,” muttered Neil, followed by noises of agreement from everyone, including Brad himself.


The rest of the day was written off as they all pretty much slept. That evening at dinner Adam brought up that seeing two of the bedrooms were empty, if anyone wanted a room to himself they should speak up quickly. But everyone was happy where they were. The other news that Adam had was that tomorrow’s one-on-one date would be with Tommy.

“About time,” said Terrance, clapping Tommy on the back.

“So what’s it going to be?” he asked. “Do I need to dress up?”

“It’s a surprise Tommy, and dress code is casual. Wear whatever you’re comfortable with and something you can move around in,” Adam added with a wink.

That night, Tommy went to bed and fell asleep with a smile on his face.


“We’ll be doing nothing today but watching your date,” Cassidy informed Tommy the next morning at breakfast.

“That’s just sad man,” grinned Tommy.

“We’re going to live vicariously through you,” said Terrance.

Tommy just laughed softly and sipped his coffee. He was so looking forward to this; he didn’t care what Adam had planned. He just wanted to spend time with him.

“Good morning.” Adam entered the room and proceeded to kiss everyone on the cheek.

“You’re in a good mood,” said Cassidy.

“I’m in a fabulous mood. I had eight hours of sleep last night, and today I get to spend with Tommy… the whole day.”

“What exactly have you got planned?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Adam grinned and headed over to Tommy.

“They do look good together,” Brad murmured as he appeared beside Cassidy.

“Yeah they do,” agreed Cassidy, “I just hope Adam’s not falling too hard too fast.”

“Tommy’s not,” Brad glanced around, “you-know-who.”

“I know Brad, I just don’t want to see him hurt again.”


Two hours later Tommy and Adam were in the back of a town car on their way to parts unknown, seeing as Adam still hadn’t told Tommy anything.

“Come on Adam, just a little hint?” he asked, gently resting his hand on the other man’s thigh.

Adam looked at the hand and then looked at Tommy. “No hints.”

“Not even a teeny tiny one?” Tommy’s hand rubbed gently, feeling Adam’s muscles tense.

He covered Tommy’s hand with his own and squeezed softly. “We are nearly there. I’m sure you can hang on for about 10 more minutes.”

Tommy just grinned at Adam, but left his hand where it was even when Adam’s hand dropped away.

Literally ten minutes later they pulled up in front of a club.

“Isn’t it a little early for a club?” asked Tommy as they exited the car. “Or is this one open during daylight hours?”

Adam said nothing just headed around and led him in through the back door, following a few minutes later by two cameramen. As they moved through the club, Tommy could hear someone playing the drums. He nodded his head in time with the beat. “Good drummer,” he commented.

“He’ll be glad to hear that,” said Adam, opening a door to main club area.

When they got inside Tommy could see musicians on the stage, and a guy sitting behind a sound desk.

“Hey boss,” the guy at the sound desk called out.

“Hey Warren! Meet Tommy,” Adam introduced them and the two men shook hands.

“We going to a concert Adam?”

Adam took a deep breath and turned to Tommy, “I thought long and hard about what we’d do on our date, and it all kept coming back to music. So I have a rehearsal today with my band, and thought you’d like to jam with us.”

Tommy’s eyes widened and he looked from Adam to the stage and back to Adam. “I’d love to,” he managed to get out before hugging Adam.

“Perfect. ” Adam took Tommy hand and led him over to his band. “This is the gorgeous Camila Grey, my keyboardist, backing singer, and on occasion bassist. Cam this is Tommy Joe Ratliff.”

“Nice to meet you Tommy,” Cam held out her hand.

Tommy took it. “Nice to meet you too,” he said as he shook her hand. Moving towards the drum kit, Cam mouthed ‘very cute’ to Adam as they walked away.

“This is Isaac Carpenter, our drummer. Isaac, this is Tommy.”

“Nice meeting you man,” said Isaac, holding out his fist.

“Likewise,” said Tommy, bumping fists.

“And last but most definitely not least this is my guitarist…”

“Monte Pittman,” said Tommy, holding out his hand. “Big fan of yours.”

“Good to meet you Tommy,” Monte shook Tommy’s hand.

“That is everyone,” said Adam.

“We’re gonna run through songs, Zeppelin, Hendrix and such,” said Monte, “before Adam starts on vocals, so pick up a bass and join in.” He gestured to a rack of four basses.

“Oh yes,” said Tommy, shrugging off his jacket as he approached the instruments. Laying his jacket on a chair, he picked up the first one, a black and white number. Testing its weight, he fiddled with the strap before placing it over his head and settling the bass against his body. Grabbing a pick, he strummed out the bass line to Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People. He played for about 30 seconds and, satisfied with the bass, looked up to see Adam and Monte watching him.

“Sounds good Tommy,” said Monte. “Let’s get going. Enter Sandman first, that OK with you?”

“Fucking more than,” grinned Tommy, walking over to them.

Adam squeezed Tommy’s shoulder gently before leaving them and taking his seat beside Warren.

“OK, let’s go,” said Monte and started playing. He played the opening riff a few times and then Tommy joined in, followed by the drums and keyboards.

“He’s good,” murmured Warren.

“Yes he is,” agreed Adam watching Tommy head bang along with the music.


They moved through a couple of Led Zeppelin songs, Purple Haze, some Marc Bolan and a few more Metallica before Adam stepped up to sing.

“Well played Tommy-boy,” said Monte, clapping the younger man on the back.

“Thanks,” replied Tommy. “Man that was so awesome.”

“Ok, we’re going to run through some of my songs,” said Adam. “You can sit with Warren if you like.”

“Or I could continue playing,” offered Tommy. “I know your songs.”

Adam and Monte shared a look . “Well OK Tommy Joe. Down the Rabbit Hole first,” said Adam.

Grinning, Tommy moved in front of Isaac’s drum kit and waited to start. DTRH started and when it got to the bass, Tommy nailed it, grinning at the expression on Adam’s face.

They moved through more songs. For Fever Adam grabbed Tommy throat and sang to him, for Music Again Tommy leant back against Adam, for Sure Fire Winners Adam ran his hand over Tommy’s chest.

By the time they had finished Adam was as hard as a rock, pumped up on the music, adrenaline and Tommy draping himself all over him. It was a fucking awesome session.

“That was incredible,” panted Tommy taking off the bass and downing a bottle of water.

“Yes it was,” replied Adam, moving behind Tommy and resting his hand on his hip.

“Good rehearsal Adam,” said Monte. “And you were excellent Tommy.”

“Thanks Monte,” Adam and Tommy said at the same time, although their eyes were on each other.

“Yeah well played Tommy,” said Isaac as he passed.

“What they said,” grinned Cam, kissing his cheek. “And you behave,” she said to Adam with a wink.

“Thank you,” said Tommy.

“What for?” asked Adam, moving his other hand to grasp his other hip.

“For this… the best date ever.”

Adam smiled widely, “yeah, it was pretty special,” he said, leaning down slowly. Tommy grinned and lifted his chin, meeting Adam’s mouth with his own. Both mouths opened immediately and tongues were sliding against each other. Adam’s grip tightened on Tommy’s hips as he pushed his own against him.

“THAT is what you did to me during the rehearsal,” Adam murmured in Tommy’s ear as he rubbed his erection against Tommy’s thigh. “All the rubbing up against me like a cat in heat,” he growled as he captured the smaller man’s lips once again.

Tommy actually whimpered and clutched at Adam’s arms, literally holding on as the other man kissed him breathless.

“Oh god,” he groaned when Adam finally released his lips, and he took in gulps of air.

Adam glanced around him. The band were talking to Warren, but the cameras were, of course, focussed on Tommy and himself. “Fuck this,” he muttered and taking Tommy’s hand, dragged him towards the dressing at the back of the stage.

Opening the door he pushed Tommy inside before entering himself. “Sorry boys,” he said to the cameramen, “this is off-limits.” He winked at them then closed the door and locked it.

“Now Tommy, where were we?” he grinned.

“Oh I think about here,” replied Tommy, sliding his arms around Adam’s necking and kissing him.

Adam moaned and, mouths still joined, pushed Tommy up against the door. He slid his thigh between Tommy’s legs, delighting in the moan that echoed into his mouth. Pulling his lips away Adam moved them over Tommy’s jaw and towards his ear. “The things I want to do you,” he murmured, rolling his tongue over the piercings in Tommy’s ear. “But until I can have you laid out like a banquet in my bed, this will have to do.” His mouth moved to Tommy’s neck and he licked and sucked as Tommy rode his thigh.

“Adam,” Tommy moaned, grinding his erection down against the thigh between his legs.

“I gotcha baby,” muttered Adam, fumbling with the button and zip on the front of Tommy’s pants.

Tommy practically sobbed with relief when he finally felt Adam’s hand wrap around his cock. His own hands scrambled to undo Adam’s pants. He cursed as he struggled with the belt; he was about to pop the button when Adam squeezed the head of his cock.

“Fuck,” he groaned, resting his head on Adam’s shoulder and turning his face into his neck, licking and sucking on the lightly freckled skin while his hands frantically got Adam’s pants open.

“Oh yeah Tommy-baby, just like that,” moaned Adam as a hand wrapped around his cock and began stroking.

Mouths met once again as Adam wrapped his hand around Tommy and brought their cocks together. Both groaned as wet cocks slid against each other. Tommy’s hand joined Adam’s and they quickly started jerking both cocks, the copious pre-cum leaking from both eased the rub and slide. Adam’s other hand tangled in Tommy’s hair and he tugged on the blond locks as his tongue tasted every inch of the others man’s mouth.

They broke apart at the same time, panting into each other’s open mouth. Adam’s hand tightened in Tommy's hair. “Look at me,” he said when Tommy’s eyes started closing. “So close Tommy.”

Adam could feel it building in his stomach; he ran his thumb over Tommy’s swollen bottom lip. With a groan Tommy sucked Adam’s thumb into his mouth, and sucked on it gently.

“Oh fuck,” and that was it for Adam as he came over their joined hands.

Adam’s cock pulsing in his hand was enough for Tommy and he soon followed him. After a moment he collapsed back against the wall and Adam fell against him.

Tommy’s eyes flickered open to see Adam looking at him.

“Hey,” he said softly.

“Hey back,” Adam replied just as softly, before kissing him gently. “Do we really have to leave?” he asked when they had parted.

Tommy sighed. “Unfortunately we do.”

“Damn,” muttered Adam, nuzzling Tommy’s cheek.

“Double damn,” grinned Tommy, wrapping his arms around Adam’s neck and pulling him in for another kiss.


The two of them slipped out of the room another ten minutes later, hand in hand. Their clothes were rumpled and Tommy’s hair was all over the place. Red marks covered their necks and their lips were swollen.

Monte and the others whistled and catcalled, which resulted in a laughing Adam threatening to fire them all.

Ignoring the cameramen who were practically in their faces, Adam and Tommy said goodbye to Warren and the band then exited the club. They headed straight for the car and made their way back to the house, all the while keeping their hands joined.


“OK Tommy Joe spill it. What the fuck happened in that room?” Mia demanded when he called her that evening.

“Nothing,” he replied.

“Nothing my ass. You should have seen the state the two of you were in when you came out of the room.”

“I’m still saying nothing.”

“Fucker,” she muttered. “OK, tell me one thing, did you have fun?”

“Oh yeah,” said Tommy, memories of coming with Adam’s hand on him. “Lots of fun.”

“I hate you Tommy Joe Ratliff,” said Mia, laughing. “And you so owe Chantala and I juicy details.”


“Hello brother mine,” Adam greeted Neil with a kiss to his cheek.

“Fuck Adam, what was that for?”

Adam grinned and kissed Lane on the cheek as well.

“You’re in a good mood,” she commented.

“Well doing whatever you were doing behind that closed door with that very sexy boy will put you in a good mood,” announced Sutan as he entered the room.

Adam just smiled.

“Oh by the way Adam I have that ‘other thing’ organized for you.”

“What other thing?” asked Neil and Lane at the same time.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” smirked Adam. “Don’t worry Lane, it’s nothing illegal and Neil I have a very special job for you.”

“Now I’m worried,” muttered Neil.

“Oh honey, you probably should be,” laughed Sutan.


The producers and the network were delighted with how things were going. The ratings were through the roof and the Internet was a buzz with the show and especially Adam and Tommy. In fact mix-ups of their names like Ratbert and Lambliff were trending on Twitter.

Tommy and Adam endured some good-natured ribbing from the others in the build up to the next elimination ceremony. And despite it all neither of them told the others exactly what had happened.

He stood beside Brad as they waited for the others before heading down to the main room for the ceremony.

“What,” asked Tommy when he noticed the other man grinning at him.

“Oh nothing sweetie, just basking in the glow that is radiating from you,” grinned Brad.

“Fuck you,” Tommy said.

“Any time honey, you should know that,” winked Brad. “Although I think Adam might get pissed.”

“You’re crazy, but I adore you,” said Tommy, kissing Brad’s cheek.

“Be still my heart,” gasped Brad, clutching his chest.

“My goodness Tommy Joe you are a slut,” said Terrance as he approached them with the others.

“Oh you better believe it,” laughed Tommy, snapping his fingers.

All five men were laughing as they entered the room.


At the end of the ceremony it was Cassidy who was eliminated. When everyone had said their goodbyes they helped Jason move his stuff into Tommy and Terrance’s room.


A couple of days later they were awakened by Neil. “You all do realise there are lots of now empty bedrooms, you know one for each of you.”

“Please tell me you did not wake us up to point out that glaringly obvious fact,” muttered Terrance into his pillow.

“No unfortunately not,” he grinned. “I bring a command from Adam; he wants to see everyone in the TV room, now.”

“Do we have time to get dressed?” asked Brad. “’Cause I have no problem going down bare-ass naked.” He moved to push the sheet off of him.

“In fact he’d probably prefer it that way,” said Jason.

“Yes, you have time to dress. Jesus Brad I’ve just eaten I do not need to see that much of you,” Neil covered his eyes and backed out of the room.

“I’m surprised he still comes into this room,” commented Tommy. “Brad seems to scar him each time he does.”

“Oh honey, he keeps coming in cause he secretly loves the attention,” grinned Brad.


Ten minutes later, all four men sat on the large couch in the TV room. A minute after that Adam, Sutan, Lane and Neil came in.

“Oh good you’re all here,” smiled Adam, looking at each of them. He paused on Tommy and gave him a wink. “I have something wonderful planned for this evening’s entertainment. A drag night.” He smiled widely.

“A drag night,” repeated Tommy, “as in you’re going to dress up in drag, or we are all going to dress up in drag?”

“Almost right Tommy,” said Sutan. “All of you,” pointing to Tommy and the others “are dressing up in drag, with help from me of course to any of you who may need it, while Adam will dress up in whatever he wants.”

“It will be so much fun,” said Adam, “and Neil here will escort each of into the ballroom for the official dance with me.”

Brad and Jason both squealed, Terrance just laughed and Tommy wasn’t exactly sure what to think--but the open excited look on Adam’s face was enough to make him smile, albeit a little nervously.


Sutan smiled to himself as he saw the feet move back and forth outside the door. He was in the ‘costume room’ as dubbed by Lane. His make-up table had been moved in along with all the clothes for the contestants to choose. Jason and Terrance had been by earlier to pick out something, pausing briefly to discuss their choices with Sutan. Brad had been down to pick out some shoes; apparently he wasn’t happy with the ones he had brought.

But the person pacing outside the door was the one Sutan had been waiting on. He knew out of the four, Tommy was the one with no ‘dressing up’ experience and he had been expecting the young man to come to him for help. He just didn’t think it would have taken this long.

He opened the door just as Tommy was about to make another pass. “You’re going to wear out the carpet sweetie. Now come in and let Auntie Sutan help you.”

Sighing deeply, Tommy walked into the room and Sutan closed the door. “Now honey, try not to look like you’re being led to the gallows. I’m sure if you are really that uncomfortable with ‘drag night,’ Adam won’t mind if you drop out.”

“No, no it’s OK,” said Tommy, “just a little overwhelming.”

Sutan slung an arm around Tommy’s shoulders. “It’s going to be fine. We’ll run through some costumes and pick the one you are the most comfortable with. It doesn’t matter to Adam what you wear, he’s going to love whatever we decide on.”

“Work your magic Sutan,” smiled Tommy.


Adam stood in the center of the ballroom, decked out in a tuxedo--well a tuxedo that had been introduced to glitter and rhinestones. He sipped his champagne as he watched his band get set up.

“You do realize, Adam, that this is abusing your position as the boss,” said Monte.

“Of course I do,” replied Adam with a smirk. “I mean what’s the point of being the boss if you can’t abuse your power? Besides the network is covering this, so it’s a pay day plus all the free food and alcohol you can manage--after your performance of course.”

“Well free food and drink makes it all OK,” said Monte, rolling his eyes.

“This is fucking ridiculous,” Neil stormed into the room, tugging at his tie.

“You’ll ruin it, stop.” Adam slapped his brother’s hand away and readjusted the tie. “Neil, just suck it up for tonight and then you can moan and bitch about it and me for as long as you like afterwards.”

Neil looked like he was about to protest again. “Please Neil,” said Adam, “please, you can think of it as the final ‘bonding’ session. In fact you can leave after tonight it you want.”

“Well I don’t know about leaving,” he muttered, because despite some of the crap he’d had to put up with he was enjoying his time on the show--not that he’d admit that to Adam. “But I do get to absolutely let rip about it later.”

Adam nodded.

“OK, who’s up first,” he said with a sigh.

“Oh thank you thank you,” Adam hugged him tightly. “Brad’s up first, decided to pick the order in a very boring way: alphabetically by first name.”

“You just wanted Tommy to be last,” was Neil’s parting shot as he left to ‘escort’ Brad to the ballroom.


“Oh my god,” exclaimed Neil when he met Brad. “What the fuck are you wearing?”

“Oh sweetie, you look good,” Brad said, taking Neil's arm. “You’re always calling me a drama queen, so I’ve gone with queen--Marie Antoinette to be exact--with a surprise that you’ll see later.”

“Not if I can help it,” said Neil, leading Brad away, “unless it’s a re-enactment of the guillotine, then I’m quite happy to see.”


“Do you even know what the word subtle means Brad?” laughed Adam as he danced around the room.

“Subtle is for the boring Adam, and I don’t know how to do boring.”

“That’s an understatement,” he laughed, spinning the other man around.


Jason was next, followed by Terrance, both men not going as flamboyant as Brad. Adam was very impressed with Jason’s ability to dance around in the six inch stilettos he was wearing.

Finally he stood there waiting for Neil to bring Tommy down. He’d tried getting info from Sutan on what the man was wearing, but Sutan had remained tight-lipped, just assuring Adam that he would be blown away.


“Whoa Tommy, that’s an impressive outfit,” grinned Neil, laughing when the other man gave him the finger. “Now, now; that’s not very ladylike…”

“Neither is punching you in the face,” replied Tommy, “and I'm very close to doing that.”

Neil continued grinning and held out his arm. “Seriously Tommy, you look good, and I’m saying that as a straight man complimenting another man dressed in drag. Jesus, the things Adam makes me do.”

“I doubt Adam makes you do anything, you just like being a pain in the ass.”

“Well there is that of course. OK we’re here, you ready for this?”

“Hell no, but let’s get to it,” said Tommy.


“Let me take this,” said Sutan walking past and relieving Adam of his champagne glass as the doors opened.

“What? Why? Oh fuck…” Adam trailed off when Tommy came in on Neil’s arm.

Seeing Adam, Tommy let go of Neil and gave a slow turn, “well what do you think?”

Tommy wore a short red and black plaid skirt over a pair of black stockings. He had forgone high heels, opting instead for knee-high leather boots. On top he wore a black corset, pulled tight around him. The sides of his head had been shaved and his hair had been freshly bleached blonde. And his make-up... wow Sutan had outdone himself on the make-up… all smoky eyes and blood-red lipstick.

“Oh I like very much,” purred Adam stalking over to Tommy. “Very much indeed,” he whispered into his ear before licking the shell.

“Poor Tommy Joe doesn’t stand chance,” commented Terrance to Sutan.

“I don’t think he’ll be too upset about that,” replied Sutan with a grin.


The night wore on and more and more alcohol was consumed, of course causing every to get more boisterous. Adam continued to dance with everyone, although always found himself back with Tommy. God, he couldn’t believe how hot the man looked dressed up in the skirt and corset. And on one of their final turns around the dance floor, he let Tommy feel exactly what the outfit was doing to him.

“Oh god,” groaned Tommy as he felt Adam press and grind his erection against him. The soft material of the skirt made it easier to feel how hard he was.

Adam quickly looked around for the nearest exit that had a lockable room next to it. Upon finding it, he turned his attention to Brad and when the other man had caught his eye, he gave him a wink.

“Oh Neil honey, want to see the scandalous pants I’m wearing under this dress?” Brad called out.

“No fucking way,” was the reply. “I mean Brad, don’t you dare, don’t lift that dress.”

Not that any of his protests stopped Brad, and with all the attention on him, Adam grabbed Tommy’s hand. “Come with me,” he whispered, and the two of them slipped out the door at the back of the room.

“Jesus Christ Brad, I’m fucking scarred for life,” Neil voice sounded behind them, “I did not need to see all your bits…”


Laughing, Adam led a smiling Tommy into the room across the corridor from the ballroom and quickly locked the door behind them. Wasting no time he pulled Tommy to him and kissed him deeply, Tommy’s mouth already open and his tongue tempting Adam’s to twine around it.

As they kissed Adam’s slid a hand under Tommy’s skirt, feeling the lacy tops on the thigh-high stockings before cupping his hard cock through the silky material of the underwear he was wearing.

“Oh god, I need to see these,” Adam gasped as he pulled his lipstick stained mouth away and dropped to his knees. Tommy watched through heavy-lidded eyes as Adam pushed the skirt up and he gasped at the growl that came from Adam’s lips when he saw the red and black silk French panties that Sutan ‘insisted’ he wore.

“So fucking gorgeous,” moaned Adam and he licked Tommy’s cock through the material.

“Sweet fuck,” groaned Tommy, arching his hips forward as Adam began sucking the head of his cock, again through the silk. He was going to lose it before Adam actually got his mouth around him. “Please Adam, please…”

“Hold the skirt up Tommy,” panted Adam as he slowly pulled the panties down.

With a shaky hand Tommy held the skirt up and lifted each leg a little so Adam could pull the underwear off.

He dropped them to the floor and ran both hands up Tommy’s legs, parting his thighs as he did. He looked up and saw Tommy had his eyes closed and was biting his lower lip; his lipstick was smeared over his mouth. The knuckles of his right hand were white with the grip he had on the skirt.

“So fucking gorgeous,” repeated Adam before slowly taking Tommy’s cock in his mouth.

Tommy’s knees almost buckled when he felt Adam’s warm wet mouth take him in. “Oh fuck Adam…”

“Knew you’d taste good,” murmured Adam as he swirled his tongue around the head, gathering up the pre-cum leaking from it. His other hand stroked the base and fondled Tommy’s balls.

Heavy breathing from Tommy, and the wet sounds of sucking from Adam filled the small room. Adam hollowed out his cheeks and took Tommy deeper, holding him in his mouth for a few seconds before pulling back with a pop. He quickly sucked on his own finger before returning his mouth to Tommy’s cock.

The groans were getting louder and when Adam’s worked a finger between his ass cheeks, the sound he made was flighty and went straight to Adam’s cock as it pulsed behind the fabric of his pants.

“Oh god, oh fuck Adam,” babbled Tommy as he thrust his hips gently. “So close, so close.”

Adam could feel Tommy’s cock swell slight in his mouth and when he pushed a finger gently into Tommy’s hole he cried out… loudly. “Fuck Adam that’s it I’m gonna cum.” Adam ignored the obvious warning to pull back and as he slid his finger in an out twice Tommy came with a shout and flooded his mouth.

Adam pulled back licking his lips as he stroked Tommy through the rest of his orgasm, cum spurting over his hand.

“Oh my fuck,” Tommy panted looking down at Adam as his cock gave a couple more jerks. “That was… fuck, I’ve no words. Come up here,” he pulled on Adam’s shoulder until the other man stood. Tommy pressed himself against him and ran his tongue over Adam’s lips, tasting himself.

Before Adam could capture Tommy’s tongue he pulled and turned them so Adam was resting against the wall. “Your turn,” winked Tommy, sinking slowly to his knees.

“Baby you don’t…” Adam cut off with a groan as Tommy rubbed his cheek against the bulge in his pants.

“Oh but I do,” grinned Tommy as he quickly undid Adam’s pants and took his cock out. “Fuck you’re huge,” he groaned, not having got a good look at it during their hand jobs earlier in the week.

“I’m not gonna last long baby,” groaned Adam as Tommy sucked on the head.

He swirled his tongue around before running it up and down the length and then taking as much as he could in his mouth. Adam moaned loudly as the sight of Tommy’s lipstick stained lips stretched over his cock. “Oh fuck baby,” he ran a hand through Tommy’s hair, pulling it back from his face.

Tommy moved his mouth back and forth, taking Adam a little deeper each time, and letting his bottom teeth gently scrape the underside of Adam’s cock as it slid in.

“Fuck Tommy,” Adam arched his hips and thrust forward. Tommy would have smiled if his mouth weren’t so occupied. He sucked harder as he stroked and squeezed, looking up at Adam through his eyelashes. ‘Really no one should be that sinfully gorgeous,’ thought Adam.

Tommy pulled back and used both hands to stroke and jerk Adam’s cock as his licked and sucked the leaking head. “Come on Adam wanna feel you cum on my face.”

“Oh shit,” Adam’s cock jerked at that and the first spurt hit Tommy’s cheek.

“Yeah like that,” moaned Tommy as more hit his chin and mouth.

“Oh my fuck,” the sight of his cum hitting Tommy’s face caused Adam’s knees to give out and his sank to them, grabbing Tommy and kissing him deep and wet. Tommy’s hand found Adam’s cock and he stroked him through his climax.

“You are amazing,” murmured Adam licking his cum off Tommy’s cheek and chin, “sex with you may actually kill me,” and kissed Tommy again before he could answer.

“You’re a mess,” Tommy said with a laugh when they parted. “A hot mess mind you, but still a mess.”

“You’re pretty debauched looking yourself Tommy Joe,” grinned Adam. Reaching down he grabbed Tommy’s underwear and gently rubbed Tommy’s face. “Not sure if that’s actually helping,” he smiled.

“Feels good though,” murmured Tommy. A loud knock on the door had both men scrambling, albeit a little unsteadily, to their feet.

“Make yourself presentable,” Lane’s voice sounded from outside.

Adam moved gingerly to the door, tucking himself back into his pants as he did. “Is it just you out there?”

“Yes, and no cameras either,” she replied.

Adam turned back to look at Tommy and groaned as he saw him trying to fix his skirt, knowing he had no underwear on. Taking a deep breath he unlocked the door and opened it a fraction.

“Oh Adam,” grinned Lane, shaking her head. “I guess presentable is out of the question.”

He opened the door wider and Tommy came up beside him.

“Look at the two of you, what the hell were you doing? Actually, don’t answer that,” she quickly added. “Come on, live broadcast has stopped for the night. Actually it stopped just as Brad decided to flash America… that was one well-time commercial break.”

Adam wrapped an arm around Tommy’s shoulder and Tommy wrapped an arm around Adam’s waist and they laughed as they followed Lane.


Tommy snuggled deeper under the covers, reluctant to wake up, but there was this niggling feeling that someone was watching him. He prised his eyes open, blinking a few times… “Fuck,” he exclaimed when he focussed to see Jason, Terrance and Brad perched on his bed staring at him. “Seriously guys, back off, that’s fucking creepy.”

“There are no cameras around,” said Brad, “only the four us, so spill Tommy.”

“Spill what?”

“About you and Adam of course,” said Jason. “Where did you disappear to and what were you doing?”

“Nowhere and nothing,” replied Tommy. “OK, can I go back to sleep now?”

“No,” said all three.

“Look , I know what you want to hear but… but I’m not comfortable with saying it. What happened between Adam and I is between Adam and I. Please say you understand?” asked Tommy.

All three of them smiled gently at him, and Brad had this soft look about him that Tommy couldn’t quite place but felt warmed by it.

“We understand,” said Terrance, giving Tommy a hug, which Brad and Jason quickly joined in on.

“Need to breathe guys,” said Tommy.

“Just tell us one thing,” pleaded Brad as they all got under the covers with Tommy. “Was it any good?”

Tommy smirked and settled back into his pillows, “it was fucking incredible…”


“I take it you enjoyed the party?” asked Sutan when Adam sat in the make-up chair.

“Oh yes,” grinned the other man. “It was most enjoyable. And well done to you on Tommy’s look, it was outstanding.”

“He chose it actually,” shrugged Sutan. “I told him to go with what he was most comfortable with, I just helped him match things up.”

“It worked out very well.”

Sutan smiled to himself as he worked on Adam’s hair. “You really like him don’t you?”

Adam nodded. “I didn’t want out like anyone Sutan, which is why I picked Brad and the others, but Tommy--he didn’t even do anything other than be himself. He’s funny, and gorgeous and is so passionate about the things he adores, like music.”

“And you,” interrupted Sutan with a grin.

“I love being with him,” admitted Adam.

“Do you love him?”

“It’s way too early, but I could, I really could--and so very easily.”

“Does this mean plans are going to change?”

“I honestly don’t know yet Sutan,” said Adam with a sigh.


The next elimination ceremony saw the ever-decreasing group say goodbye to Jason. He’d hugged Adam and thanked him for the experience of being on the show and he’d then hugged Brad and Terrance.

When he got to Tommy, Jason took his face in his hands and kissed him gently before hugging him tightly. “I’m going to miss you Tommy, and I’m fully expecting you to win. And when it’s all over we are going out for a night on the town… deal.”

Tommy hugged him back tightly and for the first time since the elimination ceremonies started, he felt sad about saying goodbye to someone. “Deal,” he murmured.


The following night all of them, including Adam, went out for dinner and then on to a club. While Terrance and Brad were dancing up a storm, Tommy and Adam were making out. Ensconced on one of the couches in the back of the club, Adam sat with Tommy straddling his waist and they kissed lazily.

There were no cameras around--well none from the network, they had all been sent home after the dinner. Adam was sure there were people in the club with cameras and were probably taking pictures and videos of Tommy and himself, but he found that at this very moment he could not give a damn. Not when there was a warm and willing Tommy in his lap, kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

Adam moaned as Tommy began rocking his hips. They were pleasantly drunk and slightly high and everything felt just fucking perfect. Tommy moved his lips across Adam’s jaw and down to his neck where he licked and sucked. Adam threw his head back against the couch and moaned loudly as Tommy bit down gently on his neck.

“Harder Tommy,” he murmured and cried out when Tommy did just that, biting down hard before laving his tongue over the sting.


“Do you think he realizes people are videoing him?” asked Terrance as he and Brad stood at the bar having a drink.

“Yes,” replied Brad, “and I don’t think he gives a fuck.”

“He might tomorrow when it’s all over the web.”

Brad just shrugged his shoulders.

“Has he said anything to you about changing the plan?”

“No, not a thing,” said Brad, shaking his head. “And I’m not sure if I should bring it up with him.”

Terrance sighed deeply, “I think you should, ‘cause it’s kinda unfair to Tommy if he doesn’t change things.”

“I know, I know; it’s just finding the right way to bring it up.”

“Just ask him straight out? Well, as straight as you can be,” added Terrance when Brad cocked an eyebrow at him.

“Honey, I could not be any gayer,” announced Brad. “Now I do believe the dance floor is calling us. And I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”


- Part Three
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