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Fic: Reality (Shows) Bite

Title: Reality (Shows) Bite
Author: ruafair
Artist: wildcat92
Beta: fairfax_verde
Type: Romance, friendship, a tiny bit of angst, and a little fluffy at times!
Word Count: 38,383
Rating: Hard R
Disclaimer: Real people, but this story is fiction, and written for fun.

Brad managed to corner Adam in his bathroom the following afternoon while he was getting ready for an interview.

Adam met Brad’s eyes in his mirror. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

Adam narrowed his eyes. “Baby I know you far too well, you have that ‘I really need to talk to you about something but I’m not sure how you‘re going to react’ look about you. Look , the network has already gone off about ‘unauthorized pictures’ getting out. I tried to tell them that I didn’t think anyone at the club had cameras, but for some reason they didn’t believe me.” Both of them laughed at this. “So I doubt anything you want to talk about is going to upset me.”

“There is maybe a small little thing I need to ask you about,” said Brad vaguely as he looked through the make-up on the counter.

“Brad, just spit it out.”

“OK, given the nature of your relationship with the gorgeous and wonderful Tommy, are you going to change the original plan?”

“Sutan asked me the same thing very recently,” said Adam softly.

“And…?” Brad made a flapping motion with his hand.

“And nothing. I didn’t have an answer, and I still don’t. Some times I think I’ll change it, and then other times I think it would be better to stick to the original plan. I’ve been going over and over the pros and cons of each option since the day we went to the carnival, and I am still not closer to any decision.” Adam leaned his hands on the counter and bowed his head.

“Oh honey,” murmured Brad, rubbing Adam’s back gently. “You know I’ll support you in whatever you do. But,” he paused for a moment while Adam lifted his head and their eyes met again, “I really, really like Tommy, and I absolutely adore the two of you together, so whatever you decide--and especially if it’s the original plan--you have to tell him, ok? Because he deserves to know.”

“I know he does, and I... I will Brad, I promise.”

“Good,” Brad kissed him gently and left the room.

“I just hope he doesn’t end up hating me,” whispered Adam to his reflection.


Nothing much happened over the next few days other than Adam and Tommy playing a kind of hide and seek game with the camera crew. The camera crew, who where determined to catch them together. So they would move from room to room, running to bathrooms and others places where there were locks on the door. Brad and Terrance joined in as well, helping with the confusion.

Tommy was having the best time of his life. Granted, most of it was being filmed and broadcast live, and the Internet--especially Twitter and gossip sites--were talking about him, but he didn’t care. It was still an amazing time, and that was all down to Adam. He had totally taken over Tommy’s life. In the few quiet moments he could get to himself, usually while he was in the shower, Tommy could admit to himself that he had feelings for Adam. It wasn’t love, but fuck it could easily be. Tommy could easily picture them together, away from the show, away from the cameras, just together.

“Hey, you OK?” asked Adam. “You kinda zoned out there for a minute.”

“Yeah sorry, just thinking,” replied Tommy as he settled against Adam.

“It must have been good, you had a smile on your face,” Adam grinned, tracing Tommy’s lips with his finger.

“Of course it was good, I was thinking about you,” admitted Tommy, dropping his eyes and blushing a little.

“I sometimes wonder if you are actually real, Tommy Joe Ratliff,” whispered Adam.

“You wonder if I’m real?” exclaimed Tommy. “What about you? You’re talented, kind, funny, gorgeous… perfect,” he finished with a whisper.

“I’m far from perfect,” replied Adam softly, cupping Tommy’s chin in his hand and kissing him slowly. He gently prised the other man’s mouth open with his tongue and lazily explored, running his tongue along the underside of Tommy’s. Both moaned softly as Tommy wrapped his arms around Adam, pulling him closer.

‘I’m a fucking coward,’ was Adam’s last thought before sinking to the floor, wrapped around Tommy.


That night Brad, Tommy and Terrance went out for dinner. The following night would be the final elimination ceremony, after that there would only be two of them left.

“Well, here’s to getting this far,” said Terrance, holding out his glass.

“Here’s to not being too bitchy to each other,” said Brad, raising his own glass.

“Here’s to friends,” added Tommy with a shy smile.

“Aww Tommy,” sighed Brad as all three clinked their glasses together.

“Whoever goes tomorrow needs to contact the others who’ve left,” said Brad. “Well, except Mark of course.”

“Good idea,” smiled Tommy. “It will be nice to see them, especially Jason, even though he hasn’t been gone that long.”

“Oh honey, you are going nowhere tomorrow,” laughed Terrance. ‘Just wish Adam would make up his mind about how it all ends,’ he added silently, sharing a look a Brad over his glass.


Brad, Terrance, and Tommy, all dressed once again in tuxedos, sat on a large couch with the show’s host Chris in a chair to their left.

“So boys,” began Chris, “in less than an hour’s time there will be only two left. How do you feel about that?”

“Well Chris,” answered Brad, “for me it’s be an amazing experience. I’ve had the best time, meet some really incredible people, especially the Libra twins here.” He paused and smiled warmly at both Tommy and Terrance, “and I hope Adam likes me enough to keep me in the final two,” he added, inwardly cringing at those words. He knew was in the final, Adam had told him that much last night.

“And what about you, Terrance?”

“The same as Brad here. It’s been amazing fun, and again met some great people, and had the best roommate,” he bumped shoulders with Tommy. “But now it’s all down to Adam.” Terrance had no idea what Adam was planning, all he knew was that Brad was going through.

“Tommy, have you anything to add?” asked Chris.

“Not really. I agree with every Brad and Terrance said. Everyone, except the obvious exception,” the name ‘Mark’ hung unspoken in the air, “has been brilliant. I’ve adored every moment.”

“You’ve also been the one who has spent the most time with Adam,” grinned Chris. “Especially off camera,” he added with a wink.

“Like I said, I’ve adored every moment, and the ones with Adam have been the most special,” replied Tommy, his voice soft, and his eyes focussed on his shoes. “But it is Adam’s final decision and if I don’t make it through, I will still treasure everything that has happened.”

“Thank you gentlemen,” said Chris with a smile.


“Oh just when I think Tommy can not be any more adorable, he says something like that,” sniffed Sutan as he and Adam watched the interviews in the make-up room. “You hurt that boy and you’ll answer to me,” he added with a smile, although there was a hint of seriousness to his voice.

“It won’t be intentional,” said Adam, tipping his head back and closing his eyes so Sutan could work his magic. “What?” he asked a moment later when Sutan still hadn’t started.

“What’s wrong Adam? You have this adorable, gorgeous man who is obviously as crazy about you as you are about him. I mean, you admitted to me that you could easily fall in love with him. What is holding you back? Drake?”

“I’m scared Sutan. Scared of putting my heart out there again,” said Adam, his voice sad. “That’s why the one-night stands and hook-ups with exes are safe.”

“But that’s not you sweetie. You’re a romantic, you want the ‘relationship’, and unfortunately where the heart is concerned you’re going to get hurt. But if you don’t put it out there you’re going to be alone and miserable, with the odd bout of hot casual sex.”

Adam smiled.

“OK, eyes closed, head back, let me do my stuff here,” said Sutan. “And promise me you’ll think about what I said.”

“I will,” promised Adam.


Adam stood off-camera waiting for his introduction. He could see Tommy and the others standing over to the side. His eyes lingered on Tommy as Sutan’s words replayed in his head. He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard his name. Taking a deep breath, he walked out in front of the cameras with a genuine smile on his face.

“Hi Chris,” he said, greeting the host.

“Good evening Adam. Are you all set for this?”

“I am Chris.”

“Well, if you’d like to move over to the table we’ll get started. So here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the last elimination before the finale. After this ceremony there will be only two men left. Who has made it to the finale? Let us find out. Adam, it’s all yours.”

“Thank you Chris,” said Adam, turning from the host and picking up a white rose from the table.

“Brad, Terrance, Tommy, I have enjoyed my time with you all over the weeks, and I really don’t want any of you to go home, but unfortunately one must. So…” he paused for a minute looking at all three, “Brad, do you accept?”

Brad clasped is hands to his chest before hugging both Terrance and Tommy and almost skipping over to Adam.

“He does realize this is not a beauty contest?" Tommy murmured to Terrance.

“It’s Brad,” was all Terrance gave in response.

“Oh honey, of course I accept.” Brad took the rose and hugged Adam, kissing him gently.

The cheering audience quieted down when Adam picked up the second and last rose. “I’m sorry that one of you has to go home, so,” he paused. The audience was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

With a big smile Adam asked, “Tommy, do you accept?”

“Hell yes,” sighed Tommy in relief. He turned to Terrance and the other man pulled him into a hug. “I’m going to miss you,” said Tommy.

“Oh I’m going to miss you too Tommy Joe,” said Terrance, hugging him tighter. “Go on now, get your rose and give him a big kiss.”

Tommy released him with a smile and headed over to Adam. “I accept,” he said, and before taking the rose he cupped Adam’s face and kissed him softly, letting his tongue grace Adam’s lower lip as he pulled away. Giving him a wink he took the rose and walked over to Brad, where the other man engulfed him.

Adam walked over to Terrance. “I’m sorry Terrance.”

Terrance just grinned and hugged Adam. “You better have it all worked out,” he whispered in Adam’s ear.

“I’m getting there,” Adam whispered back.


That night Adam, Tommy, Brad and Neil sat around drinking and talking music, Well Neil had tried to get them talking about politics, but he was quickly shot down on that subject, so music was decided to be a better one.

By the end of the night someone produced a guitar, and Tommy played it while Adam sang.

“He’s really good,” commented Neil. “I was talking to Monte the night of the dress up and he was full of praise for Tommy.”

“He loves his music,” said Brad. “Talks about all the time.”

“Well if Adam doesn’t get his head out of his ass and make the right decision, hopefully this show will give Tommy the exposure to get a real gig.”

“Why Neil, that was almost a compliment,” giggled Brad.

“It doesn’t count, I am drunk,” smirked Neil.


The next day, Tommy and Brad were given details of what was going to happen next on the show. There would be a visit to each family and then a night out with their friends. Tommy was already worried about introducing Adam to Mia and Chantala. Following that night out, they would then be flying to Cabo for a weekend before coming back for the grand finale.

Brad and Tommy drew straws to see who would be first, and that honor went to Brad.

And for the first time since he walked into the house Tommy found himself pretty much alone for a large part of the day. Even the camera crew had gone--well most of them, there was a couple left to report on what Tommy was up to while Brad and Adam were off.

Neil had remained behind, while Lane had gone with Adam, so at least for dinner and the evening he had company. Tommy found himself bonding with Adam’s brother over watching horror movies and Neil telling embarrassing stories about Adam.

Also during the time Tommy contacted his mother and sister about Adam’s visit, and then rang and warned Mia, Chantala and the others.


During their break away Brad and Adam shared a hotel room, but they weren’t guilty of any of the things that were being speculated about on the Internet. In fact, they spent most of the time talking, and in Adam’s case, talking about Tommy. He went through the various pros and cons with Brad and by the time the two of them were in the air on their way back to the house, Adam was a lot clearer on what he was going to do. This upcoming trip with Tommy would be the final answer he needed to make his decision for the finale.

Tommy was finishing up his packing when Brad sought him out.

“Oh honey, you will not need much for Cabo, the place is a fucking paradise. There’s nothing to do all day but lounge in the sun by the pool, and at night you eat and drink only the best.”

“What are you going to do here by yourself?” asked Tommy, throwing in the last couple of t-shirt before heading over to grab his makeup.

“A little as possible,” grinned Brad. “I’m just going to chill out and annoy the crap out of Neil.”

“He’s staying this time as well?”

“Yes. Even though the trip was on offer, he said he’d rather stay. So you get the lovely Lane’s company.” Brad stretched out on the other bed and watched as Tommy packed up some makeup and other toiletries. “Tommy, did you see or hear…?” he trailed off.

Tommy turned to face him as he threw his makeup bag into his case. “See or hear what?” he asked.

“See or hear anything about mine and Adam’s trip to Cabo?”

Tommy paused for a moment and zipped up his case, giving him time to calm down a little. While he hadn’t watched much of Adam and Brad’s trip, the remaining camera men, Chris, and one of the producers wasted no time in informing him of the fact that Adam and Brad shared a room. Tommy had tried not to let it bother him, as he and Adam hadn’t really defined what they had. This was a show for Adam to pick someone, so why shouldn’t he have fun with others? “I saw some of your night out--that looked wild--and bits and pieces of Cabo, but not really that much. Why do you ask?”

Brad looked around and was about to speak when he saw the cameraman. Getting up off the bed he crossed the room to Tommy and pulled the man into a hug. “Nothing happened sweetie, nothing. We shared a room yes, but nothing happened. OK?” he whispered to Tommy.

“It’s OK Brad,” Tommy whispered back. “You don’t need to explain yourself to me.”

“Yes I do. Please say you believe me.”

“Of course, of course, it’s OK.” Tommy hugged the other man back.

“Fine, drama queen moment over.” Brad pulled back, a big smile on his face. “Now, are you all set?”

“Yeah, everything’s packed. Brad, are you sure you’re OK?”

“I’m fine honey. You go and have the most amazing time.”

“I will. Thanks Brad.”


An hour later Tommy and Adam were in the car and on their way to Tommy’s mom’s for dinner. After that it would be a night out with his friends and then they would be flying to Cabo in the morning. With a smile to himself, Tommy covered Adam’s hand with his own. A bright smile appeared on Adam’s face as he turned his hand over and laced his fingers with Tommy’s.

“This is going to be so much fun Tommy.”

“Yeah, yeah it is,” agreed Tommy, squeezing Adam’s hand.


The cameras followed Adam and Tommy to the door of Tommy’s mom’s house, but that was as far as they were allowed to go. Tommy’s one and only stipulation was that cameras were not allowed in his mom’s house. He didn’t want them there and she sure as hell didn’t. The network and producers weren’t too happy about this but Adam stood by Tommy and eventually they reluctantly gave in.

Tommy looked over his shoulder, making sure the cameras were back with the car, before ringing the bell.

“It will be fine,” murmured Adam, wrapping an arm around Tommy’s waist and kissing his forehead.

Tommy just smiled softly, a smile that grew when the door open to reveal his mom.

“Hi,” he said softly.

“Enough of that, come here,” said Dia pulling him into a hug. “I’m so proud of you,” she whispered in his ear, causing Tommy to tighten his arms around her.

They pulled back a moment later and Tommy stepped to the side as his mom turned to Adam.

“Hi,” he said, a big smile on his face as he held out his hand to her.

“None of that honey,” she said with smile, hugging him.

Adam laughed and hugged her back.

“Ok,” Dia said a moment later, “now that the introductions are over, let’s get inside.”

Tommy slipped his hand into Adam’s and they followed her into the house.


“Oh my God your mom is so adorable,” said Adam for about the twentieth time.

It had been a couple of hours since the dinner at his mom’s and they were now getting ready to hit the local bar/club Tommy went to often where they would be meeting up with his friends. And since they’d left his mom’s place, Adam couldn’t help repeating how adorable his mom was.

Smiling, Tommy just shook his head before finishing his eye make-up. The dinner had been perfect. Adam and his mom got on like a house on fire. And when they were leaving Dia had taken Tommy aside and gushed on and on about how perfect he was, before grabbing Adam into a hug and whispering something into his ear that Adam refused to tell him.

“So who’s going to be out with us tonight?” asked Adam, sliding up behind him.

“Dave and Mike, they are my roommates,” said Tommy. “A few others from the various bands I’ve played with. And Mia and Chantala…and they are the two you have to watch out for. In fact I’m kinda nervous about you meeting them, even more so that when you met my mom.”

Adam laughed and wrapped his arms around Tommy’s waist, “it will be fine baby…just fine. I can’t wait to meet everybody. Anyway the cameras will be there so things won’t get too out of control.”

“Oh Adam, the cameras won’t stop Mia and Chantala. If anything it will encourage them,” chuckled Tommy.

“Regardless, I can’t wait to meet them.”

“You say that now,” muttered Tommy as he reached for his lipstick.

“Ooh let me.” Adam grabbed the lipstick and brush before turning Tommy to face him. “OK?”

“OK,” smiled Tommy, lightly moistening his lips before parting them slightly for Adam.

Holding his chin lightly, Adam slowly painted Tommy’s lips in a soft pink color. “There,” he said a moment later, “perfect.”

“Thank you,” Tommy said, and they stared at each other for a minute before a polite cough sounded behind them.

“Sorry,” said a sheepish Lane, “the car’s here.”

“Thanks Lane,” replied Adam, his eyes still on Tommy.


They entered the club through the front entrance--not what either of them really wanted, but the cameras were on them and the show wanted them through the front door. Fans of Adam had heard about him coming—actually they’d been told by the producers of the show--and were waiting outside, screaming as he and Tommy walked past. In fact a few of them were calling Tommy’s name.

“This is surreal,” murmured Tommy.

“Welcome to my life,” replied Adam, tightening his hand around Tommy’s.

Adam smiled and waved as they made their way into the club, where they were quickly ushered through to a cordoned off VIP area in the back. Tommy’s friends were already there, making themselves at home.

“TOMMY JOE!” Mia called out, rushing over to him and hugging him tightly. “God, look at you! You’re gorgeous.”

“Mia, oxygen please,” gasped Tommy.

Mia squeezed him tightly once more before letting him go. Tommy had just a moment to draw breath when he found himself with an armful of Chantala and her feathers.

While Tommy was occupied, Mia took the opportunity to get a look at Adam Lambert up close. “Damn, you are really gorgeous,” she said.

“Well thank you honey,” replied Adam with a grin. “You’re Mia I assume.”

“I am,” and she held out her hand, which Adam shook.

“And I’m Chantala,” another hand shot out towards him.

“Nice to meet you,” Adam shook her hand. “You two did Tommy’s make-up for the final audition didn’t you?”

“That was us,” grinned Mia.

“That was an incredible job. Sutan, my make-up artist, was very impressed.”

“Well it was kinda easy with that for a canvas,” Chantala pointed to a blushing Tommy.

“Yes, it would be,” Adam replied softly, looking at Tommy.

The two girls clasped their hands over the chests and sighed, earning an eye roll from Tommy. “Come on,” he said, holding his hand out to Adam, “let’s get the rest of the introductions out of the way.” As they walked off, Mia and Chantala made kissy faces behind their backs.


Adam liked Tommy’s friends. They were crazy, down to earth and kinda didn’t give a shit that he was Adam Lambert. If Tommy thought he was OK, then they thought he was OK

He was watching Dave and Tommy having an argument about Freddie Krueger when Mia sat down beside him. Her face was flushed and her eyes were bright, a sign of the number of cocktails she’d had.

“Are they still going on about Krueger?” she asked.

“They’ve only been at it about twenty minutes,” said Adam.

“Only twenty minutes this time. That argument has been going on for about a year in total.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Tommy in the time I’ve known him is that he does not back down from the things he is passionate about.”

“Adam,” Mia turned to face him and suddenly looked very sober as she checked to make sure the cameras where elsewhere. “I’ve known Tommy for a long time and I love him dearly. I sat up till all hours with him when he was trying to figure things out, figure himself out and I’ll be honest, at times it wasn’t pretty--in fact it was downright heartbreaking. But he got through it and came out, if you’d pardon the pun, the other side happier and more comfortable with himself than I have ever seen. He is amazing. We--Chantala, Dave and I--were then ones who pushed him into applying for The Bachelor, even though he really didn’t want to. But we’ve all watched him on it, and he’s a different person, he’s more open and… he’s so happy. That’s all down to you. Now I don’t know what your plan is between Tommy and Brad but whatever your choice may be, don’t hurt Tommy. If it’s not him, let him down gently, and don’t take whatever this is between you any further. It’s not fair to him, or to you for that matter. But if it is him, and I really hope it is because seriously, the two of you are shit-hot together, you take care of him, or you’ll have me, and Chantala and Dave all the others to answer to. Now, I’ve said my piece, and I’m going back to getting drunk.”

“Mia,” Adam put his hand on her arm, “he’s amazing, and I haven’t met anyone like him. The last thing I want to do is hurt him in any way.”

She smiled a little sadly at him. “Just don’t break his heart,” she said softly before heading back over to the others.

Adam took a moment to compose himself as Mia’s words sunk in before picking up his drink and walking over to where Dave and Tommy were still involved in their friendly argument.

“Adam, take him away,” grinned Dave. “He’s rehashing old arguments and boring me.”

“That’s only because you still haven’t come up with any good arguments to back your own views,” grinned Tommy, slipping an arm around Adam’s waist.

“Whatever Ratliff, you just keep believing that.”

Tommy just laughed and leaned against Adam, who kissed his head softly. “Come on baby, let’s go dance,” murmured Adam, taking Tommy’s drink from his hand and handing it and his own to Dave.

“Adam, I’m not big on dancing,” protested Tommy even as he allowed himself to be gently pulled out onto the dance floor were a slower song had started.

“Hush, you move just fine.” Adam slipped his arms around Tommy’s waist and pulled him close.

Tommy glanced around to see Chantala and Mike both giving him two thumbs up, and chuckling softly he wrapped his arms around Adam’s neck, resting his head on Adam’s shoulder.

They moved slowly to the music and it was a while before one of them spoke. “It’s been a good day,” whispered Adam.

Tommy lifted his head to look at Adam. “It’s been a really good day,” he said, “and tomorrow Cabo!”

“Cabo will be good,” Adam tucked Tommy’s bangs behind his ear. “Sun,” he kissed Tommy’s cheek, “sea,” he kissed his nose, “sex,” he breathed before covering Tommy’s mouth.

Tommy was vaguely aware of whistles and cheers from his friends, including a very loud, ‘Get it Tommy Joe’, from Chantala, but all that mattered was Adam’s mouth and how it always felt and tasted so fucking amazing. Tommy tightened his arms around Adam’s neck and groaned when Adam pushed his hips against him; he could feel the other man’s cock, hard against his stomach.

“Fuck Adam,” he groaned.

“Soon baby, very fucking soon,” moaned Adam.


“Think someone should throw cold water over the two of them,” commented Mike.

“I agree,” said Dave. “I mean I love Tommy, but I kinda feel like we’re intruding. And yes I am aware they are making out on a crowed dance floor with a camera crew on them.”

“Leave them be,” said Mia. “They’re in their own world anyway.”

“Yeah,” nodded Chantala, “and I’m enjoying the show,” she added with a grin.


“I think this place is a little public for what I want to do to you,” groaned Adam against Tommy’s neck. “Plus we need to grab our stuff and head to the airport.” He glanced up and caught a frantically waving Lane gesturing to him and then to her watch. “And judging by the expression on Lane’s face where going to be cutting it close.”

“Damn,” muttered Tommy as he very reluctantly pulled away from Adam. “Let’s go say goodbye to everyone.” He took Adam’s hand and led him off the dance floor.

Hugs and kisses and goodbyes were shared. Adam received a ‘look after Tommy or else’ look from everyone along with a hug from Mia and a whispered, ‘remember what I said.’

“I want to hear all about the hot sex the two of you have in Cabo,” Chantala murmured to Tommy as she hugged him, “and that means details, preferably those of a NC-17 nature.”

Laughing, Tommy waved goodbye to everyone as he and Adam rushed out of the club and into a waiting car.

“Your luggage is in the trunk. Here are your tickets and passports,” Lane handed them over. “We should be at the airport in about 45 minutes. There is NO time for shopping,” she directed this at Adam, “as we’ll probably just make it before the close the gate.”

“Sorry Lane,” grinned Adam.

“No you’re not,” she smiled, “but I appreciate the sentiment. So sit back and relax gentlemen, next stop Cabo.”


Lane was right, as usual. They just made it to the gate, and sheepishly took their seats. As the flight attendant went through the safety procedures, Adam linked his hand with Tommy’s and squeezed gently. Tommy smiled before resting his head on Adam’s shoulder.

This trip was going to be it for Adam. When he and Tommy flew back to LA on Tuesday he would have everything sorted and a decision would be made. He was going to listen to both his head and his heart for once. ‘Everything will work out,’ he thought as he rested his head on top of Tommy’s.


It was very early morning when they arrived in Cabo. Lane quickly rushed them through the airport and into a car. The next thing Tommy knew, they were in their hotel room. Half asleep, he took off his makeup, brushed his teeth, stripped down and put on cotton sleep pants and t-shirt and climbed into his bed.

“That’s been organized for later today,” he vaguely heard Lane say to Adam before she left.

“What?” he mumbled sleepily.

“You’ll find out later,” whispered Adam, kissing his forehead. Tommy didn’t hear Adam getting into his own bed; he fell asleep the moment Adam’s lips left his skin.


Later was well after lunch, and Tommy was laughing so hard at Adam trying to put his wetsuit on that he nearly fell over himself.

“So not funny,” murmured Adam.

“Oh it is,” laughed Tommy.

Adam just rolled his eyes and finally got the suit on.

“YAY he’s finally ready,” teased Tommy.

“Fuck you,” retorted Adam.

“Later, if you’re lucky,” Tommy said, then stuck his tongue out. “Now come on, there are jet skis waiting for us.”


Adam and Tommy laughed as Lane and the one sober cameraman helped the two drunken cameramen away from the restaurant. They’d been sending drinks over to them all night, ignoring the ‘stop it’ looks from Lane with each round.

“And now we are alone,” murmured Adam.

“At least until the sober one comes back,” laughed Tommy. “So it would probably be a perfect time to get out of here.”

“An excellent idea Tommy.” Adam called for the check, and after paying they left the restaurant, walking hand in hand back to their hotel.

It was a very warm and balmy night so they took their time walking.

“This place is amazing,” Tommy said after a moment. “And today was such fun.”

“When I finally got my wet suit it was fun,” chuckled Adam, bumping shoulders with Tommy, causing him to laugh softly.

They made their way back to the hotel and got to their room without the cameraman making an appearance. Adam opened the large windows leading out to the balcony and the two men kicked off their sandals and stood looking out over the beach.

“This place is beautiful,” said Tommy with a sigh.

“It is,” agreed Adam moving behind Tommy and wrapping his arms around his waist. Tommy leaned back and turned his face to Adam.

“You shouldn’t look at me like that Tommy Joe.”

“Like what?”

“Like you want me to kiss you,” grinned Adam, slipping a hand under the t-shirt Tommy was wearing and running his fingers over his stomach.

Tommy eyes fluttered shut as he said, “but it’s true, I do want you to kiss me.”

Smiling Adam bent his head down and kissed Tommy gently. He tried to keep it gentle, but when Tommy parted his lips and ran his tongue over Adam’s bottom lip, he couldn’t help but part his lips and draw the teasing tongue in to tangle with his own.

Tommy twisted his body so he cold he could wrap his arms around Adam. Moaning, Adam pushed Tommy against the railing around the balcony and pressed himself fully against the smaller man, causing them both to groan--a groan that grew louder as each felt the other’s hardening cock pressing against him.

Tommy slid his hands under Adam’s shirt and pushed it up. Their lips parted briefly while Adam pulled his shirt over his head and, tossing it aside, he claimed Tommy’s mouth again, his hands pulling at his own t-shirt. He pushed it up and groaned when he realised he would have to leave Tommy’s mouth again to get rid of the garment. Laughing, Tommy pulled the t-shirt over his head and threw over to where Adam’s lay discarded. He ran his hands over Adam’s chest, pausing at his nipples before leaning forward to lick and suck at one then the other. Adam’s hands found Tommy’s waist and he squeezed his hips as he felt Tommy lick and nip at his skin.

Tommy continued to lick and suck and bite at Adam’s skin as he moved down his body before sinking to his knees and tugging at the cord holding the board-shorts closed and pulling them down Adam’s legs. Adam groaned in relief as his hard heavy cock was freed. Tommy wasted no time in wrapping his lips around it.

Adam’s hands held Tommy’s face, “Can I?” he groaned out.

Tommy nodded his head and with a moan Adam began slowly fucking Tommy’s mouth, pushing deeper each time.

“Fuck, you look gorgeous,” moaned Adam as he watched is cock disappearing into Tommy’s mouth. “No don’t,” he grunted when he saw the other man’s hands head into his own shorts. “J...Just take your cock out, don’t…fuck,” he bit off as he felt his own cock hit the back of Tommy’s throat. “Don’t touch yourself.”

Tommy groaned around Adam’s cock. His own erection was practically crying out to be touched, but he did what Adam said and didn’t touch.

“We’re here, oh god; we’re here on the balcony,” Adam groaned, “anyone could look up and see you. See how fucking incredible you look with my cock in your mouth.” Adam began fucking Tommy mouth as fast as he could take it. “Cameras could, could be on us… Jesus Tommy so close…”

Tommy groaned around the flesh in his mouth as he imagined people watching them and his own cock throbbed in response.

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum, you gonna take it?” asked Adam, “gonna swallow me down?”

Tommy nodded. Adam groaned as he felt the swell and holding himself in Tommy’s mouth he came hard, pulling back after a moment so Tommy wouldn’t choke. “Fuck,” he cried as his cum coated Tommy's chin and chest.

The sight of Adam coming apart was enough for Tommy and with a groan he came, spurting over the ground and Adam’s feet.

Adam leaned forward, resting his hands on the railing around the balcony while he got his breath back.

A few minutes later Adam kicked his shorts off and hauled Tommy to his feet, kissing him as soon as he was upright, and as he did he manoeuvred the two of them back into the hotel room. As soon as his legs hit the first bed he sat down and lay back, pulling Tommy down on top of him.

“We’re all sticky,” murmured Tommy a moment later.

“And going to get even stickier,” grinned Adam, pushing at Tommy’s shorts until they were down to his ankles and Tommy had kicked them off.

As soon as both men were naked Adam turned them on the bed so that he was on top. They kissed deeply and wetly while grinding against each other. Both moaned loudly as their hardening cocks rubbed against each other. Adam pulled back and kissed his way down Tommy’s neck before sucking hard on the skin.

“You’re gonna leave a mark,” he groaned, digging his fingers into Adam’s back.

“You bet I am,” muttered Adam against his neck as he sucked and bit. When he pulled back a minute later he smiled in satisfaction at the red mark that would no doubt be a spectacular bruise in the morning before moving down Tommy’s body with his lips, nipping and licking. Tommy’s legs fell apart and Adam settled between them. He kissed Tommy’s inner thigh before sitting up and reaching into the bedside table drawer and grabbing a condom and bottle of lube, which he dropped onto the bed beside him. He then leaned forward and took Tommy’s cock into his mouth while he wrapped his hand around his own and stroked it as he sucked Tommy until they were both hard again.

Grabbing the lube and a pillow, Adam put the pillow under Tommy’s hips and after coating his fingers, slowly circled around Tommy’s hole.

“That’s it baby, relax,” he coaxed as the tip of his index finger began to gently penetrate.

“Relax,” panted Tommy, “when you’re doing that… not fucking likely.”

Adam chuckled and began moving his finger in and out, and when Tommy began moving his hips and pressing down on his finger he slowly worked a second one in. Again this continued for a while before Adam poured more lube over his hand and gently slipped three fingers in.

“Oh god Adam,” groaned Tommy and he arched off the bed when Adam curled his fingers inside him and brushed his prostate. “Please, Adam, more I need more.”

He pulled his fingers out and leaning over kissed Tommy before he could moan in disappointment. He felt around in the bed until he found the condom then pulled back.

Tommy sat up a little on his elbows to watch Adam put the condom on and lube himself up.

“Have you done this before Tommy?” he asked as he knelt between the other man’s splayed legs.

“Yes,” he replied, “although he wasn’t a big as you.”

“Honey, flattery will get you everywhere,” smiled Adam grabbing his cock and lining it up. “Just breathe baby, we’ll go as slow as we need to, I’m not in any hurry.” He slowly pushed forward, “that’s it, easy Tommy. Take all of me…”

Tommy groaned loudly, as his body slowly and a bit painfully opened up for Adam. He breathed hard and sweat gathered at the back of his neck and his hairline. Minutes ticked by and Tommy continued to pant and moan as Adam slowly worked himself fully inside him.

“Oh fuck, you are tight,” gasped Adam, leaning forward slightly and when Tommy shifted his hips a little he sank that last inch inside him.

“Hey,” whispered Tommy.

“Hey back,” whispered Adam pushing the sweaty bangs out of Tommy’s eyes. “Ready?”

“Yeah, just… just take it slow.”

Adam kissed him and slowly pulled his hips back and then pushed forward, keeping up a slow, steady rhythm. “I knew you’d feel incredible Tommy, but this is so much more that I even imagined.”

The pants punctuated the sound of the sea outside echoing through their room and moans from the two men on the bed as Adam began moving harder and faster. He pulled one of Tommy’s legs over his hip, changing the angle and making sure he hit Tommy’s prostate each time. He grabbed his cock with the other hand, jerking it in time with his thrusts.

“Yeah Adam, harder, wanna feel you tomorrow.” His hand joined Adam’s on his cock and they both stroked.

“Baby you will,” grunted Adam, moving harder and faster.

With a cry Tommy came again, spilling over their joined hands. A few more thrusts and Adam followed him, coming into the condom and collapsing on top.

Tommy wrapped his arms and legs around Adam, holding him tight against him and he felt his cock jerk almost in time with Adam’s inside him. He found Adam’s mouth and they kissed messily while they rode out their orgasms.

When he had the strength, Adam lifted himself up and very gently eased himself out of Tommy. Removing the condom he dropped it into the wastebasket beside the bed and then gathered Tommy up in his arms.

“We are definitely stickier,” mumbled Tommy.

“Told you we would,” replied Adam, before sighing contently.

“We should probably clean up.”

“Yeah, probably should,” agreed Adam although neither man made a move. “In a few minutes we’ll move.”

“Sounds good.”

They lay quietly for a while, and then Tommy said, “You were wrong.”

“OK that was a rather random statement. What was I wrong about?”

“You said sex with me would kill you,” Tommy laughed softly.

Adam was soon laughing as well, “Oh honey that was just the appetizer. The main course just might do us both in.”

“Well I may hold back a little during the main course.” Tommy cocked an eyebrow and he rolled on top of Adam, “got to leave some room for dessert.”

Laughing, Adam gently grabbed the back of Tommy’s neck and brought their mouths together again.


The next morning Tommy woke up with his head on Adam’s chest, and a pleasant ache in his lower back and ass. They’d done it, he and Adam had finally had sex and it had been incredible. Biting back a groan, Tommy sat up and eased himself away from Adam, being careful not to wake him up. He looked the other man over, smiling at the red marks on Adam’s neck and chest, and leaning forward he kissed him gently before slipping out of the bed. Biting his lip to keep in the groan as muscles protested at the movement, Tommy shuffled his way into the bathroom. After relieving himself, he washed his hands and brushed his teeth, then stood back to look at himself in the mirror. Like Adam, there were marks on his neck and chest… bite marks, and bruises and, “oh for fuck’s sake,” he muttered, “a damn hickey.” Plus there was a dry, flaky mess on his stomach and thighs.

“Right Tommy, shower time,” he said.


Adam reached for Tommy and slowly woke up when he realised he was alone in the bed. Blinking a couple of times he rubbed his eyes and was about to call out when he heard the shower running. Grinning he got out of the bed, grimacing at the pull on his muscles and the mess on his stomach.

“Fun times are always messy,” he muttered to himself as he headed to the other bathroom first to take care of a couple of things, like brushing his teeth, before slipping into the bathroom with Tommy. “Room in there for me?” he called out.

Tommy spun around; flicking wet hair out of his eyes, “of course,” he grinned and he open the frosted door to the shower to let Adam in.

“Morning,” said Adam as soon as he stood under the spray of water.

“Morning,” replied Tommy, pressing himself against him.

“We have to fly back tonight,” said Adam, wrapping his arms around Tommy’s waist.

“I know, plus we really need to make an appearance for the cameras,” sighed Tommy.

“Lunch time will be early enough for that,” Adam leaned his head down and kissed Tommy. “Or, maybe dinner,” he grinned and kissed him again as he pushed him against the tiled wall of the show.


It was 6pm when Adam and Tommy finally left their hotel room, and that was only because Lane threatened to have the door removed from its hinges and drag them out.

“Well you look somewhat respectable,” she said with a grin. “Just be grateful that most of the cameramen are too hungover to care.”

Tommy and Adam just grinned at each other.

“You need to do some, I don’t know, tourist type things for an hour or so, so they can get some footage.” Lane was checking her blackberry as she spoke, “and then it’s back to the room, to pack,” she clarified. “There will be a car waiting to take us to the airport. Please be on time.”

“Come on baby,” said Adam, holding out his hand to Tommy, “let’s go do some tourist type things to keep Auntie Lane happy.”

“Well I do still have to get Brad a present. Is that touristy enough?” asked Tommy.

Lane just laughed and shook her head and they left for the markets, followed by the cameramen.


It was late when they got back to the house. Neil met them at the door and after saying, ‘hi’ and then ‘bye’ to Tommy he ushered Adam away, muttering something about record producers getting a little impatient.

Adam mouthed ‘I’m sorry,’ to Tommy before disappearing around the corner with his brother.

“TOMMY!” A shriek of his name rang out and before he could register what was happening, Tommy soon found himself with an armful of Brad Bell. “So glad you’re back. Did you get me a present? Did you have a good time? No tan I see, that can only mean one thing,” he pulled back after hugging him and winked. “Come on, you can tell me all about it, and I do mean all. I want every dirty and juicy detail.” And he dragged a laughing Tommy along by the hand.


An hour later, Brad was prancing around the bedroom in the grass skirt Tommy had brought back for him. “I know it’s technically a Hawaiian thing, but I saw it and thought of you,” Tommy had said.

“I love it,” announced Brad before taking off his pants and slipping it on. “It feels really nice, especially with nothing on underneath,” he winked.

“No need for scandal pants then,” grinned Tommy.

“Sweetie, there is always a need for scandal pants,” Brad replied, before dropping the grass skirt and putting on a pair a light cotton pants. He then slipped into the bed with Tommy. “I know you can’t tell me everything, everything--not with our travelling eyes and ears show anyway. So with them in mind, was it amazing?”

“Yes,” replied Tommy.

“Do you see stars?”

“Multiple ones,” smirked Tommy.

Brad let out a squeak and then laughed as he hugged Tommy. “Last question. Did you give as good as you got?”

“Oh hell yes I did.”

“Why you cheeky minx you, I love it,” exclaimed Brad before both men started laughing.


With the busy life he had and trying to placate record company execs at the same time it was two days before Adam had got a spare hour to see Tommy again. As he had left his room in the house he had spotted Brad heading down the corridor. Making a quick detour to ask a cameraman where Tommy was, Adam quickly made his way to Tommy’s room--of course followed by said cameraman.

“Hey Tommy, just me,” Adam called out as he knocked and opened the door at the same time.

Tommy smiled brightly when he saw him, and before he had a chance to say anything, Adam took his hand and dragged him into the bathroom.

“Won’t be long,” Adam winked at the cameraman before closing the door and locking it.

Literally a second later Tommy found himself pressed up against the door and Adam’s tongue in his mouth. All in all it wasn’t a bad place to be!

Adam’s hands slid up his sides before cupping his face and tilting it to the side so he could deepen the kiss even further.

They parted only when oxygen became a necessity. “Hi,” panted Adam.

“Hi back,” replied Tommy.

“God I’ve missed you,” murmured Adam as he planted kisses over Tommy’s face.

“Oh I’ve missed you too,” Tommy said, rubbing his hands over Adam’s back and ass.

“I only have about an hour.”

Tommy grinned. “Whatever will we do in that time?”

Adam smirked, “there’s a few things I could think of.” He slowly sank to his knees. “Now let’s see if you can stay quiet.” He unbuttoned Tommy’s pants and slowly pulled the zipper down. “There is a cameraman outside the door.” He pulled Tommy’s pants and underwear down.

“Oh fuck,” groaned Tommy as he felt Adam’s breath over his cock.

“Now baby, don’t forget to be quiet…”


Two days later, Adam got an invitation to a movie premier and after checking with the show’s producers decided to ask Tommy along. Later that day, the two of them were in the back of a limo on their way to the theatre.

“This is exciting,” said Tommy, clutching Adam’s hand. “I don’t even care if the movie sucks, it’s just cool being out with you.”

“It probably is going to suck,” said Adam, “but yay for a night out with you.” He leaned forward and kissed Tommy softly.

As they pulled up Adam cursed under his breath at the rows of paparazzi--trust those vultures to be out. He fixed a smile on his face and stepped out of the limo blinking at the multitude of camera flashes.

He turned back to the car and held his hand out to Tommy as he helped him out of the car.

“Holy fuck,” muttered Tommy as the cameras blinded him.

“Welcome to my crazy life,” said Adam, tightening his hand around Tommy’s. “OK, let’s do this.”

They made their way down the red carpet, stopping to talk to some interviewers along the way. Adam talked, and Tommy hid himself the best he could behind Adam. There were calls of his name from fans, and Tommy waved and smiled softly at them. But there were also calls from the paps, along with requests for a kiss with Adam, and questions regarding whether or not they were having sex.

“Come on Tommy,” one catcalled, “let’s get a good one of you with Adam before a better twink comes along and you get discarded.”

“Fucker,” spat out Tommy and he tried to let go of Adam’s hand to go over and have words with the asshole.

“Easy babe,” murmured Adam, not letting go of Tommy, “he is so not worth it. They are only trying to get a reaction. It’s all bullshit. Ok?”

Tommy’s anger still simmered, but he nodded at Adam, who smiled at him and then kissed him briefly before they moved off down the red carpet.

“I’ve no idea how you put up with it,” said Tommy when they had taken their seats in the theatre. “I’d just lose it with them and someone would end up with a broken nose.”

“It comes with the career, unfortunately,” sighed Adam as he slipped an arm around Tommy’s shoulders. “You kind of have to put up with a certain amount of it.”

“Still, rather you than me,” smiled Tommy. “So wanna make out in the back row?” he added with a grin.

Adam grinned back and their mouths met in a kiss, but Tommy’s reaction and words still lingered in the back of his mind.


- Part Four
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