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Drabble 123 - Prompt Table - Blood Ties (again)

Because I have way too much spare time (I wish) LOL... and had so much fun with the first BT table. I'm going to do another Blood Ties Drabble table for drabble123           


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1.Guilty 2.Arresting 3.Handcuffs 4.Theory 5.Criminal
6.Undercover 7.Intent 8.Possession 9.Memory 10.Illicit
11.Question 12.Innocence 13.Uniform 14.Obstruction 15.Sentence
16.Judgement 17.Tamper 18.Imprison 19.Proof 20.Writer's choice

Drabble 123 (Moonlight) - Prompt 05 - Unlikely

Title: Suspicions Disproved
Fandom: Moonlight
Author: ruafair 
Character/Pairing: Mick/Beth
Table: RANDOM 2
Prompt: #05 Unlikely
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Summary: Josef gets it…
Notes: For this table I'm going to write a drabble for each episode, and yes know there's only 16 eps, so some with have 2 drabbles. This one is Episode ‘Click’
My Table

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